V-beam Vs. IPL, How do They Differ?

I would like to get IPL but have read too mush about potential harm to subcutaneous layers, and long term side effects. What is the risk for V-beam long term side effects? Vis-a-vis IPL, how deeply does the V-beam penetrate? Also I have heard it called a "pulsed dye laser" Can you explain a little about what that means and how it works?

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IPL vs V-beam

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V-beam is a pulsed dye laser that has coherent light at one wavelength to treat redness.  Intense pulsed light is non-coherent light that can have several different wavelengths.  The wavelength chosen depends on what structure in the skin is being treated.  It can treat reds, browns or hair.  For photorejuvenation, IPL is more versatile and can give excellent results in experienced hands.

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V-Beam and IPL are different devices that can achieve similar results.

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V-Beam and IPL are different devices that can achieve similar results. The V-Beam is a single wavelength device ( a LASER ) with wavelengths in the range of 585 nm to 600 nm. It includesonly ONE wavelength of light within each pulse emitted. It absorbs hemoglobin (its target within blood vessels) and destroys capillaries and other small vessels. The IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light and it includes MULTIPLE light wavelengths within the same pulse emitted. There are many different ranges utilized. The IPL Green Spectrum most closely resembles the V-Beam because it contains a group of wavelengths that is also selectively absorbed by hemoglobin within blood vessels. The IPL Green is very effective in removing blood vessels, improving rosacea and acne, and gives the secondary benefit of improved fine skin texture and reduction of pore size.

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