Can IPL Laser Therapy Cause Heart Problems?

I have recently had Supra Ventricular Trachyartia and had an operation to destroy an abnormal conduction pathway in my heart. Would IPL have have caused this - or made it worse?

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IPL Therapy and Heart problems

No, IPl photofacials are very superficial and wouldn't cause any heart problems or anything systemic. 

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IPL cannot cause heart problems

IPL can only penetrate into the top layers of the skin. It does not have the ability to go into organs like the heart. So no, IPL didn't cause your heart problems or make them worse in any way. It cannot go that deeply and doesn't have that ability at all.

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IPL's and SVT's... No Relation...

IPL is simply Intense Pulse Light... it is not likely that SVT's are caused by IPL treatments.  I have very heard of seen such a thing.  I recommend you speaking with your cardiologist.

Hope this helps.


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