Coolsculpting: Is 25 minutes per area long enough to freeze the fat?

Will a percentage of the fat be reduced if the Coolsculpting applicator is left on for 25 minutes per area?

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CoolSculpting does not cause lumps if performed by an experienced professional

Thank you for your question. A cycle of 25 minutes is not enough time for an adequate treatment. The least amount of time for a treatment would be 35 minutes and that too only with the new Cool Advantage applicator. Ensure that you always see a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist with experience in CoolSculpting. Regards,  

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Treatment time

CoolSculpting recommends that each treatment cycle is completed for the full time for optimal results.  The cycle time of 25 minutes is not enough time for an adequate treatment. Any use of the CoolSculpt not recommend by CoolSculpting, is considered off label and does not have any supporting data, therefore a shorter treatment time is not suggested.

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Coolsculpting 25 minutes per area

Thanks for the question.  Applying the Coolsculpting device for any period of time shorter than what is recommended by the company would be considered an off label use of the device and there is no data to support the results.  With the new Cool Advantage applicator the treatment times are down to about 35 minutes, which is much better than 60 minutes.  Best of luck!

CoolSculpting Treatment Time

25 minutes is not enough time to get the CoolSculpting results you are probably looking for.  The standard protocol for the treatment is 60 minutes and if a patient has a treatment for less than 50 minutes, it is recommended they re-treat the area for 60 minutes.
The new CoolAdvantage applicators have a 35 minute treatment time with their newer technology. 

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CoolSculpting - procedure time

The standard CoolSculpting applicator should be left on for 60 minutes for optimal results. There is a newer applicator called the CoolAdvantage, which has a shortened applicator time of 35 minutes. 

Coolsculpting time

25 minutes is not enough time to get reliable results with the standard Coolsculpting applicators. The recommendations from Coolsculpting is that the standard Coolsculpting applicator is applied for one hour per treatment cycle. If it is on for less then 50 minutes then we retreat the area for the full hour cycle. 

The newest Coolsculpting applicators called the cool advantage, are recommended to be applied for 35 minutes per treatment cycle. This is the newest Coolsculpting technology which gets each cycle completed in less time. 

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