Had DST EyeIid Procedure Done Two Weeks Ago but Eyes Are Still Swollen and Its Not Going Down? (photo)

Hi, I wanted a medium size and a parallel crease. Both of my eyelid creases are higher than what I wanted and its still puffy looking in the crease area. I am concerned because I don't want the puffy crease to be caused by fats in my eyelid. My doctor specifically said that I don't have that much fat on my eyelid. If this isn't the case, please tell me how long would it take for the puffy crease to go down. Also how long will it take for the stitches to completely disappear? Thanks

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"Puffy Crease" after Asian Eyelid Surgery using DST technique

If your "puffy crease" is referring to the actual crease being irregular and lumpy, it may take many months for the scar to heal completely. In general, the scars usually improve in quality and appearance in time.

If your "puffy crease" is about the eyelid, specially the pretarsal area (the area between the crease and the lid margin), what you are seeing is normal and just be more patient.

The sutures used for DST technique are usually permanent sutures and thus will not dissolve.


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Two Weeks After Eyelid Surgery-Eyelid creases still higher

Thank you for providing your post-operative photos.

Two weeks after upper eyelid surgery, appearance of your upper eyelids looks very good. It is still too early to expect total resolution of eyelid edema. I would recommend not to worry much. Since I did not see your pre-op photos, your post-op appearance looks really good to me and eyelid creases seems to be reasonably symmetrical. After complete healing, you may ask some friends for their candid opinion about your look rather than what you would have expected to look like after the surgery. I am sure they will agree with me that your eyes are more open and you can apply eye shadow which you could not do so before.

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Asian blepharoplasty

Please be patient with your body as it heals. Two weeks out after surgery is still very early in the healing process. Asian eyelids do tend to take a little longer for swelling to resolve.

The height of your crease always seems higher in the initial postop period due to this swelling. As the swelling resolves, slowly, the crease will settle lower.

Hang in there, I believe you will end up with a satisfactory result.

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What to expect form DST suture technique

Your photos actually look very good. You can expect the swelling and therefore the height of your crese to start decreasing over the next few weeks. Your results at 2 weeks are right on track and your going to have a very nice result.

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