Eyelashes Loss?

Hi, i would like to ask if i will experience eyelashes loss after eyelid surgery?

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Eyelash loss after eyelid surgery

The upper eyelid incision is 1 centimeter from the lash margin, and is no where close.  Lower lid surgery can be performed on the inside (transconjunctival approach) or an external approach to tighten skin.  Even when the incision is on the outside of the lower lids, we are extremely careful not to have patients lose their eyelashes

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Loss of Eyelashes after Eyelid Surgery

This is an extremely rare complication after eyelid surgery if performed by an experienced surgeon. This complication may occur if the incision is made too close to the eyelid margin where the follicle for eyelashes are located. The risk is probably higher with the lower eyelid surgery since the incisions are usually made closer to the eyelashes. Again, this is a rare complication.


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The incisions for eye lid surgery is far from eye lashes.

For blepheroplasty there are two approaches to the lower lid. One is on the skin below the lash line and the other approach is inside the lower lid , Subconjunctival.

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