Epicanthoplasty After Double Eyelid Surgery?

Hi, may i know how long can i do epi surgery after double eyelid surgery if i do not want to do epi on the same day as my double eyelid surgery?

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Epicanthoplasty after Asian Eyelid Surgery

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You should try to avoid being in this unfavorable situation by knowing whether you would be a good candidate for medial epicanthoplasty with Asian eyelid surgery. An experienced  surgeon should be able to show you how you may look with or without the epicanthoplasy. You should also know the risks associated with this procedure. Medial epicanthal fold is not an abnormality and thus not everyone needs this procedure done. In fact, many doctors and patients find this feature quite attractive. 


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Epicanthal folds after double eyelid surgery

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Epicanthal folds can be addressed at the same time or after double eyelid surgery. Somehow, in some patients epicanthal folds appear more prominent after upper eyelid surgery. That is why some patients are not sure if they need the epicanthal fold surgery along with double eyelid surgery. If I see epicanthal folds, I usually recommend addressing their correction at the same time of the upper eyelid surgery. It may take additional 15 minutes each side, but correction really makes horizontal fissure wide and significant enhanced cosmetic appearance.

Imtiaz A. Chaudhry, MD, PhD, FACS
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