Vertical crease / fold after Tummy Tuck. Would a reverse tummy tuck correct this? (Photo)

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair 20th November 2015 and breast reduction / lift done at the same time after 100lb weight loss through dieting. I have a vertical crease / fold and loose skin at the top of my abdomen & it is really getting me down. My surgeon said that the only way to correct this would be a FDL with vertical scar (which I am not keen on having). I am due to see him again in September.

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Vertical crease after tummy tuck

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Your surgeon is probably right. The reason that you have a vertical crease is because the skin is very tight in the vertical vector but is still loose in the horizontal vector. The good news is that the vertical tightness will only lessen with time and the crease will continue to improve as it does. But the only way to make it go away before time softens it is to remove the excess horizontal excess with the vertical ellipse of skin (FDL).

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Redundant skin

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Thank you for posting.First: you look great. I understand your problem, but the result is lovely.If the skin has lost its elasticity and it is tight in the vertical direction, the only was to correct a horizontal laxity is to excise it directly and let you have a long midline scar. 

You could try Thermage, but I am no expert in that, so you would have to ask someone who is. 

Best of luck

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