When is it okay to get a brazilian wax after lipo of pubic area and tt?

I am 5 mos po tt. My tt incision is right on the hairline. My surgeon also lipoed my pubic area. I have not had a wax because my incision just stopped spitting stitches a month ago and it is closed now. I am afraid that the trauma of a wax on the incision will cause damage to the scar. Also, i wonder if the lipoed area will hurt. How long should i wait to do this? I want to get several ideas on this because i dont want to hurt myself. Thank you in advance.

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When can i wax?

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As long as the skin of the Mons pubis is intact and you avoid the healing area of the spitting stitch, in my opinion, there is no reason that you could not have a wax at this time. Congratulations on your surgery. 

Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Wax is OK

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Wax is a superficial treatment and should not bother the scar.Open wounds from spitting sutures should be avoided.The area of liposuction should not hurt.

When is it okay to get a brazilian wax after lipo of pubic area and tt?

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Thank you for your excellent question.  Normally patients at 5 months would be able to have a brazilian wax but as you recently had some areas of spitting stitches I would recommend waiting 6 weeks from the time of the last spitting stitch before waxing.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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