All on 4, so unhappy with temporary look, please help. (photos)

My face is unsupported and I look ten years older I'm so depressed ...after all in 4 lower jaw ...and temporary dentures up top ..with the right dentures and per enact bridge will I get my face back please help

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Disappointed with all-on-4 appearance

To properly advise you, we would need to see before photos as well as after photos. In my experience, many patients before treatment are so focused on what they don't like about their teeth that they don't notice other things, like lip position, smile line, facial profile, etc. Having said this, in my experience as the restorative dentist for many all-on-4 cases, it can be difficult to achieve exactly the perfect position of the healing dentures. Regardless, this is something to discuss well with your restoring dentist as she or he prepares to make your final smile. Make sure your concerns are heard and satisfied at any try in stage possible so at the end you have the smile you are hoping for!

Aesthetics of the temporary teeth on all-on-4

The good news is that this is only the temporary meant to serve as a healing prosthesis.  Often times its hard to determine the final aesthetics as there is no chance for a try-in and surgical surprises do occur   The good news is that it can all be fixed for the final.

Good luck

Dan Hagi, DDS
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Unhappy with All on 4 Temporary Redtoration

Hi and Thank you for you question:

There are many factors that affect the esthetics of any denture even if supported by implants. There needs to be a consideration to the lip line at rest, the smile line and the soft tissue support provided by the denture. The best option you have at this point is to visit a Prosthodontits ( specialist for crowns, bridges, dentures and implant restorations) so that you can get properly evaluated. I sincerely hope you get the help you need, Good Luck!!!

"All on 4" is a complex and intricate "Process"

It is a true blessing that in 2016 we can extract teeth, place implants and deliver a stable, Previously designed, temporary denture in the course of one surgical appointment.  The temporary denture allows the patient to go back into society without the embarrassment of not having any teeth at all. This temporary will allow the dentist to assess function and esthetics while integration of the implants is occurring and the patient is able to assimilate socially. The temporary "All-on-4" is an ideal time to address any concerns with the size and shape of the teeth or lip support.  This is a very complex type of dentistry and many things may have to be worked out in this intricate process.  I am certain that if you express your concerns and understand that it is a process, you will have an great result in the final "All-on-4" implant retained prosthesis.

Can dentures make your face of pure fuller?

Both dentures and all on 4 restorations can be used very effectively to make your lips and face appear fuller.

Simply express your concerns to your dentist and I'm sure they can easily create this effect for you.

I hope you found this information to be helpful,

Dr. Champagne 

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General considerations would be an evaluation of the vertical dimension created when your teeth meet each other (your dentist would understand these terms). Evaluating a profile view to determine if the teeth can be repositioned further out, and lastly, an evaluation of the apparent slant that the edges of your prosthetic teeth demonstrate at rest and when you smile. The photos you provided are a great starting point, but I would definitely need to evaluate more clinical information to give you a definitive response. 

John Paul Gallardo, DDS
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Appearance and support

In regards to appearance and support for the face, this can be corrected by positioning the teeth appropriately. However it may not result in a 100% correction. Patients who have lost their teeth do also suffer from massive amounts of bone shrinkage and this does result in them having thin lips.

The height of the face can be restored

The support of the lip can be restored

You may need some dermal fillers to enhance the appearance of your lips

Hope that helps

All the best

Saj Jivraj, DDS
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