Is it true that after two years or so after the gums keep shrinking the all-on-4 procedure separates from the gum line?

I have been told that a new denture will have to be made due to the gap between the gum line and the dentures since the bone and gum are constantly changing.

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Space beneath dentures

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It is possible that the gums continue to shrink.Usually this is not a huge problem and the prosthesis(teeth) can be corrected for that.Requires a visit with your dentists with the dental technician being there.

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We allow 6 months of healing time from the time that your temporary teeth are placed the day of your surgery, to the time of placing the final teeth. This we have found is sufficient time for bone and gum remodeling. The way we prepare/preserve the bone ridge at the time of surgery, may have something to do with us seeing minimal to no space formation underneath the final prosthesis.

All on 4

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if the protocol of the all on4, was done properly, the bone is remodeled, and its hard to find receding bone, and gum, but in case you have that, it can be treated properly, by a reline, of the pink material, depends if the drinking is around the gum are of the implants or not.but yes, there are solutions.

All on 4 and Gums shrinking

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When you need an all on 4, all of the remaining teeth are removed.  This process continues to heal after the procedure is completed.  This space is only a problem if it can be seen, you have problems speaking or food is trapped under.  

Ask about adding more pink material to the existing denture

Bone & gums

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This is a possibility as there is little stimulation to the bone underneath.  If the prosthesis is snug, it creates a light surface stimulation that keeps the gums near longer. Same concept applies to dental bridges.

If you get the typical all-on-4 bulky plastic teeth over metal, you can always have more pink plastic added beneath.  I find that many of my patients have irritated/inflamed gums with the plastic temporaries, so I rarely do those since I charge the same fee. If you get a porcelain or zirconium bridge, it may happen after many many years, like a natural tooth bridge.  The bridge is cemented so you don't have screw holes or bulky unnecessary material on your palate.

You can also snap your teeth in & out, and those can also be refitted with pink plastic.  They are an economical alternative. 

Victor Sanz, DDS
Chicago Dentist

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