Can i go from implants over dentures to all on four permanent?

I currently have implants over dentures and do love them. Four upper and two lower implants. However, would like to convert to All-On-Four. What's the process; is it painful; would i need a new set of dentures; approx how mush, $$$. Thank you.

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You would need to have some implants towards the back of you mouth.  Most denture retaining implants are placed near the front.  So, the answer is yes, but you may need additional implants.

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Can you immediately go from a snap on denture to All-on-4?

You can potentially go to an All-on-4 from a snap on denture if:1. Implants are stable long term2. Implants are in the correct position. If your smile is high, you may be able to see the transition of your teeth and natural gums. 
A dental exam, CT scan and proper facial cosmetic evaluation by a qualified oral & maxillofacial surgeon is needed to determine these answers

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It's not uncommon to hear patients have this question. The process of this conversion may include a new prosthesis, as well as new implants depending on the position of your current implants. The process includes a consultation, a smile analysis, a CT scan for planning, usually followed by a surgical appointment with IV sedation to make the experience as comfortable as possible. The surgery can be completed in one day, including the delivery of your new teeth. This is a life changing experience for patients, with one of the highest satisfaction rates in dentistry, and again - all done in one appointment.

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Hi there, thank you for your question. This is a great question and the answer is yes! You can convert your over denture to an All-on-4 prosthesis that is fixed and stable. On the bottom where you have two implants, two more will need to be added and undergo the same process where creating a fixed and stable denture. You will be much more comfortable with something that is attached rather than removable. The difference between one and the other is that oral home care will increase. The benefits of having All-on-4 outweighs that. Good luck!

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Convert from Overdentures to All on 4

This can certainly be done and I assure you the only thing you will regret is not having done it soonerWith the All on 4 there are slight changes in implant placement and the teeth that are fabricated require a certain amount of space. I am sure your dentists will be able to work it out

All the best, Dr J

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I recommend you get a clinical evaluation and a 3D image, because depending on the position of the implants you already have, there is a possibility that you could go onto an All-on-4, we need to evaluate the volume of bone, the density, and the possible location of implants so you could be properly restored. Good luck !

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