Teeth not aligned properly - Invisalign? (photos)

Hi I was wondering what could possibly be done to fix my teeth. As you can see from the photos they are completely misaligned and not in the centre where they should be. I had 4 back teeth taken out when I was younger and I had train track braces too. Would Invisalign work on me? I would rather not have proper veneers as I don't like the idea of my teeth being filed down but I am desperate to fix my teeth as it's getting me down!

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Teeth alignment

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It looks like you have a "midline discrepancy" which means that your two upper front teeth do not line up with the center of your face. If you wanted corrected properly then you should get traditional braces. Invisalign is not a good treatment option to correct midlines. If you accept that the midline will be off (some notable celebrities like Tom Cruise have midline discrepancies) then you can elect to have Invisalign as long as you understand the limitations of the treatment modality. 

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by seeing yr pics, in yr case there r two issues. one is gummy smile and second is proclined teeth. yr premolars are extracted so i want to know is there any space left there, if yes , u can go for invisalign. and if space is not left in that case its my advice to visit orthodontist because it comes under complex cases.

Teeth Alignment

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Well Dear if your don't like veneers treatment then you left with invisalign braces option. It will align your teeth.

Shahin Safarian, DMD
San Diego Dentist

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