PDO thread lift under eyes for sagging & wrinkles? (Photo)

I had dermal filler in my cheeks which migrated under my eyes last year which has been successfully treated but has left me with a little sagging under my eyes and wrinkles extending into my cheek from the looser skin. It's been suggested I go for a thread lift under my eyes which may improve both issues but I've seen mixed reviews on the internet about how successful it is in this area. I'm obviously wary of doing anything that may cause more damage! Any advice?

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Mesh Threads

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For the peri-ocular area especially under the eyes threads may give you improvement. The smooth threads in a series of “mesh” patterns, spaced 2-3 months apart will decrease the appearance of fine lines. This series will induce collagen from your body breaking up the suture. Over time you will notice an increase in quality of your skin.

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