Can you give me information about thread lifts?

Thread lifts around the cheeks an jowls an neck how successful are there ?

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Barbed Threads

Thread Lifting is an excellent option for the cheeks and jowls, I would recommend the Barbed Threads for the lower 1/3 of the face and cheeks. A realistic expectation for Barbed Threads is a 6 month result, which usually just needs a touch up at that point. This procedure has an immediate lifting result with minimal downtime, some patients may experience a tightness sensation, minor bruising, pain at the injection sites which resolves within a few days.

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Can you give me information about thread lifts?

Terminology in medicine & surgery is very important. The old 'ThreadLift' concept was a complete failure and has fallen out of use for the last 5 to 6 years if not longer. Even the 'Contour Threads' failed. BUT since 2009 in Europe the "Silhouette Lift" has flourished with over 40,000+ being done in Europe. Middle East, Asia. Has had CE approval since 2009 and since June 2015 FDA approval for mid face elevation and tightening. It is NOT a thread with bards! But is a 3-0 prolene suture with spaced PLL cones (Sculptra). Thus elevation plus collagen deposition occurs a double effect. I personal was trained by Dr Richard M. GoldFarb to become certified in Silhouette Lift and have now performed over 25 cases. Everyone is very satisfied with the improved appearances. Understand this DOESNOT replace a mini/midi/full Facelift. But offers an easy fast recovery alternative over peels, large filler volumes injected lasting only months, and incisional surgery with anesthesia required. In fact it is so much better than the out of vogue Lift Style Lift that I wish I had this for years. Additionally I offer this also as an add on to other surgeries i.e. TT, Augs, lipo. Or do less of a FaceLift with adding the Silhouettes in combination. I believe the 'Silhouette Lift' will be the next BOTOX event in Cosmetic Medicine/Surgery...

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