Threading caused tiny pimples all over my face. Any suggestions?

10 days back I did a full face threading and which I had this very tiny pimples that cannot be seen until u r really close but can be felt. Please help I never had pimples or any mark on my face not even during teenage. I want to regain my flawless skin.

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Alastin Nectar

Your skin may have some inflammation from a thread being placed under the dermis. First you should go to your doctor and eliminate any chance of infection or allergic reaction. The serum Alastin Nectar post-procedure will calm any irritation and inflammation on the skin. If this regimen is followed for 2-3 weeks twice a day your skin will feel smoother.

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Acne after procedure

It is not uncommon to have a flare of acne or rosacea (adult acne) after any procedures on the face. This can be treated by any Dermatologist to get you back to your baseline.

Good luck!

Robert S. Bader, MD
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