Can you have a full body lift, Brazilian butt lift, and fat transfer to contour body all in one surgery? (Photo)

I'm about 300 pounds and am about to get the gastric sleeve surgery and with it will come a lot of loose skin. When that time comes, I want to get a full body lift, a Brazilian butt lift, and I want to contour my body so that I have a coca cola shape and I would like to have it all done in one surgery. Is it possible and what are the risks? Also I really like Dr. Cabral in the DR. Do you know a doctor in the states, who matches the kind of work that he does? Thank you

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Combining body lift, Brazilian Butt Lift, and fat transfer in one surgery

Yes, I prefer tummy tuck and body lift surgery along with fat grafting of the buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift) to be done simultaneously. This provides me with the greatest opportunity to contour the entire abdominal-hip-buttock aesthetic unit in the most attractive way. In addition, the fat that is to be removed during surgery can be converted to the fat that is placed in the buttocks to enhance the projection, roundness and fullness of the buttocks. If, on the other hand, the procedures are done at separate times, the fat that would have been used to enhance the buttocks will no longer be available. Ideally a patient is at a BMI (body mass index) of less than 30 to undergo this surgery, although in some patients, a BMI of 30 to 35 is acceptable. Ideally, for optimal wound healing, safety, and best results, the BMI is less than 30.

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Body lift, BBL and liposuction - after gastric bypass

Thank you for asking about your body lift and BBL>
  • I understand your wanting to plan  your future -
  • But first lose the weight - you may have different priorities depending on how you lose the weight.
  • A lower body lift can be done with a BBL and liposuction - if surgery takes 6 hours or less, for safety.
  • Please please do not travel for this surgery - 
  • You are in California with many excellent plastic surgeons with the highest quality operating rooms.
  • The DR has a poor reputation for safety and quality including deaths not reported in the news here.
  • Such long distance travel exposes you to serious risk of major complications. Stay home, stay safe.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS
Thank you for asking about your Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Buttock augmentation after massive weight loss

After massive weight loss there is often excess skin.  The buttocks also tend to look deflated.  Buttock augmentation is nice to add to any body lift surgery for massive weight loss patients.  Without buttock augmentation the buttocks will be lifted and tighter but often flatter.  Since you haven't lost the weight yet the buttocks are probably full but after a significant weight loss there will probably be some deflation.  There are two ways to improve buttock shape after weight loss that I offer.  The main way is called autologous buttock augmentation.  In this procedure I take fat and skin from the upper buttocks that would normally be excised in order to lift and tighten the buttock skin, and then remove the skin portion and bury it underneath the lower buttock tissue.  (Think of tucking in your shirt at the small of your back.) The result is a rounder, smoother buttocks.  This is often necessary for weight loss patients.  The other way is fat grafting.  This can be added to further improve the shape but that is often done at a second procedure later on.  Best of luck.

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