How Uneven Scars Are Healed and when Undissolvable Stitch Underneath of Skin Can Be Taken out? (photo)

I had low bleph (skin-muscle flap tecnique) by PS to remove malar bags 7 wks ago, but they are still there. My rightt eye scar is 3-4 mms lower than left eye, so it's not healing well. How will it look in 6 mths? What can be done to improve appearance, if still visibe. Also, I feel and see a bump/knot under the skin at the end of the right eye incision. Since the swelling is almost gone,it is more visible. When can the stitch be removed and what would the cost be to remove by someone else?

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Scarring after eye lid surgery

At 7 weeks out from surgery there is still time for improvement of the scar. At this time best approach is massage of the scar, sunblock to avoid sun burn. Consider discussing steroid injection with your surgeon. Do not be in a hurry to rush into revision. Best time for revision is when scar is soft and mature. Laser treatment may be beneficial as well I use Genesis from Cutera frequently after surgery to improve scar appearance.

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Uneven, Hypertrophic (raised) Eyelid scars

It is beyond presumptuous to advise you on what to do based only on these photographs. Based on them it appears you have scar hypertrophy (raised roll of scar) on BOTh sides but it is worse on the right and the scar appears to have been placed / or pulled lower on the right. In the short term you may benefit from scar massage and maybe dilute stroid injection into the scar. The long-term management (in 5-7 months when everything is soft) would depend on the skin looseness left in the area. You MAY need to consult a second opinion if you are not comfortable with your surgeon. In fact he may even want you to hear what he suggests from another professional.

Good Luck.

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How Uneven Scars Are Healed and when Undissolvable Stitch Underneath of Skin Can Be Taken out?

Very interesting case and posted photos. I can not understand why the difference in location of the incisions. and surgical treatment for malar bags is very risky. With that being said I would try Steroid injections and massages to the area for the next few months. If no drastic improvement than consider revision. 

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Uneven scars after blepharoplasty

Lids can be uneven, and it is typical for one eye to be slightly larger than the other. That said, your photo shows a lower lid scar that is off its mark and is below the lash line. Lids can be forgiving however and over several months the scar may not be visible any longer.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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