Uneven Eyebrows 3 Days After Botox Injection. What Should I Do?

I recently received Botox for the first time (3 days ago). I received 35 units in the II area between my eyebrows and in my forehead. I am starting to notice the effects, but what I'm noticing is that when I do frown or furrow my eyebrows, the outside of my left eyebrow pushes my eyelid down on top of my lashes, causing this large bulge. Should I go back to my dermatologist, and if I do, is there anything she can do to fix this?

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Botox for first time

I would allow a full two weeks prior to making any additional treatment decisions.  If after this timeframe you are unsatisfied with your results, than return to the physician who performed your injection and discuss your concerns so that they may be addressed appropriately.  Best of luck, Dr. Jacque LeBeau

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Adjusting botox for forehead frown lines

You should wait for up to two weeks for the full effect, unless it becomes so unusual in appearance.  The doctor may modify your result but it is best to do this when no further changes from the initial treatment would be expected. 

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Botox Results...

Three days is too soon to have a follow up appointment.  You should wait at least 10 to 14 days from initial treatment before seeing your provider.  Botox takes at least this time to fully "kick in".  If at that point you still have movements that you are not satisfied with, then follow up with your Dermatologist.  Be patient, the first time is always the scariest. 


Dr. Grant Stevens

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Uneven Eyebrows 3 Days After Botox Injection. What Should I Do?

You should wait 2 weeks to let the Botox take its full effect and let your muscles do all the compensating that they will do.  At that point you can see (and should see) your physician to see if any improvements can be made.  It will not only help for this injection time, but it will also help for future injections.

Sam Goldberger, MD
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Uneven Botox

I do not recommend patients receive additional Botox for at least 7 days, more preferably 10. Muscles will absorb the product at different rates so even if something looks uneven now, it could correct itself in just a few days and injecting it too soon could lead to other problems or unevenness. Wait for at least a week then go back to your injector for an evaluation at that point.

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Uneven Botox results after 3 days.

The full effects of Botox will not be visible for 7-14 days after administration, so the effect you are seeing now may not be the final result.  If you are uncomfortable about the interim result by all means to back and see your doctor but I would likely advise you to be patient for another at least another week.  It is not so uncommon however when doing Botox that minor adjustments (such as additional injections) are necessary.

Ted Brezel, MD
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Uneven brow after Botox

The brows when properly treated with Botox should not do any pushing on the eyelids during active frowning. By all means go back to your dermatologist for a touch up with additional Botox if this has not resolved in 10 days.

Peter T. Truong, MD
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Correcting uneven results from Botox

If you received the Botox 3 days ago, it will take more time to have its full effect.  Botox can take up to 10-14 days to fully weaken the desired muscle.  In many people, it may kick in faster on one side or you may have a stronger muscle on one side.  I usually recommend waiting at least 10 days before adding more Botox to make a correction.  35 units for the brow furrow and forehead is a good treatment, so it may work well if you give it more time.  Luckily, uneven results from Botox can easily be corrected by treating the stronger side with a few more units. 

Nancy Samolitis, MD
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Asymmetry after Botox

It takes about 10-14 days to see the full effect of Botox.  After this time see your dermatologist and if any touchups need to be done it can potentially done at that time.

Botox takes about 3 days to start acting so you are just now starting to see its effects.  It will last three months and if you really have a droop an option is to do additional Botox on the other side to create better symmetry.



Martin Jugenburg, MD

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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