Underarm Lipo Included in Breast Reduction?

I'm 230lbs, 5'10" tall and a 42G bra size. I'm considering breast reduction surgery but worry about the underarm fat looking worse and can't really afford the extra charge I've been quoted by a surgeon. Do any surgeons include the liposuction of "lateral chest" with the reduction? I'm being quoted extra costs for the OR and anesthesia, is this normal if I'm already in the OR under anesthesia? Thank you so much for any input! Kat in Maryland

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Breast Reduction Surgery and Additional Liposuction?

Congratulations on your decision to proceed with breast reduction surgery;  this operation tends to be one of the most patient pleasing operations we perform. However, you will likely be better off undergoing the procedure when you have achieved a long term stable weight. Doing so in this fashion will help decrease risk of complications around the time of surgery and decrease chances that additional surgery will be necessary in the future.

 In regards to liposuction surgery outside of the area of the breasts, I think that most surgeons/anesthesiologist/facilities will apply additional charges if the duration of surgery is increased. Of course, this may vary from one practice to another.

 Best wishes for safe/successful breast reduction surgery.

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Lipo with reduction

Kat  Reimbursement to the surgeon for reduction mammoplasty covered by insurance is low. Patients covered by insurance who need a significant amount of liposuction , I charge an extra fee for that. Patients paying in cash ,I normally include the liposuction.  In patients with signifant asymmetry liposuction can be used to reduce the size of one breast and fat grafts to increase the size of the other breast and I do add an extra fee for the combination of reduction with those two procedures.

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Lateral folds in reduction surgery

should be addressed to some degree when reducing the breast.  If you're concerned about the 'dog ear' that often develops after such surgery, most of us try to minimize it at your procedure but this needs to be discussed before you sign up to have surgery.  But if you are asking if the whole lateral chest be suctioned?  Most would say no.

As for costs, if your insurance is paying for it, you shouldn't have any extra costs.  If you are doing this cosmetically, its only right to potentially have more costs if your experienced surgeon still cannot estimate OR times correctly.  They are out there.

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Underarm lipo and breast reduction

The underarm region or lateral chest folds are usually not included in a breast reduction and is often charged as an additional fee.

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Not usually

Axillary and lateral chest wall liposuction is an additional procedure that often a surgeon may perform with breast reduction.  Usually the surgeon has a right to give and additional charge as this is usually not covered by insurance.  If there is going to be an additional charge for this service, it is customary to discuss this with the patient prior to the procedure.

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