Can an umbilicoplasty fix the unwanted hole left by a belly ring?

I can no longer stand the sight of the hole left by a belly ring which I removed about a year ago after having the piercing for about a year. I haven't come across any affordable surgeries other than an umbilicoplasty which might be able to rectify my situation. So could this possibly work for me and if so how much will it cost? Furthermore are there any Brooklyn/Manhattan based doctors which can perform such a surgery? Thanks in advance!

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Belly Button Piercing Scar Revision

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As the piercing hole is pretty far above your belly button, I would recommend simply removing the hole and leaving a flat fine small scar. This is done as an office procedure using local anesthesia.

Belly button scar revision in Los Angeles

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Our office specializes in belly button repair surgery. An umbilicoplasty is not needed to correct the belly button piercing scar; this can be accomplished with a minor scar revision. 

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

Correction of belly piercing

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This would not really be an umbilicoplasty but, rather, an excision and closure of the piercing defect.  It is a procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia in my accredited OR.  Please contact my office to schedule a consultation.  The fee will be affordable.  Thanks and stay safe in the storm.  Dr K

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