How Can my Outie Be Changed into an Innie? (photo)

Is it possible? what would the procedure be like? how much would it cost? can a natural looking outcome be acheived?

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Repairing an outie umbilicus

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First you have to rule out an umbilical hernia.  If a hernia is present it must be repaired at the same time.  This can usually be done within the umbilicus and not via an external scar.  The excess skin is removed and the skin is sutured down to the underlying fascia to crease an umbilical dimple.  

Belly Button Surgery

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   Dear distilled 123, There are ways to correct or change the appearance of your belly button. The first thing that needs to be done is to determine if you have an umbilical hernia. This can usually be repaired at the same time as your umbilicoplasty (surgery to the belly button). Most BC plastic surgeons are familiar with this technique. Good luck. Dr. G.

Change A Protuding Belly Button to An Innie or Inny

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Thank you for your question.  Yes there is a specific plastic surgery technique for creating an Inny bellybutton.The technique involves tightening or suturing the belly button or Naval down to the fascia of the abdominal muscles which pulls the belly button in and creates a hood over the belly button.

It does appear that you may have a small umbilical hernia which needs to be repaired.  The hernia repair and belly button revision can be done at the same operation.

Belly Button Shaping

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If you have an umbilical hernia it can be repaired and improve the shape. I typically combine hernia repairs with direct suturing techniques to create the innie your looking for.


Turning and outie in

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A small umbilical hernia can cause an outie, or a BB that sticks out and is prominent. Repair through the BB alone can correct the situation and give an innie for a better look.


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It looks like you might have a small umbilical hernia.  A plastic surgeon will be able to tell you if it's a hernia or if an umbilcoplasty can be done to change the appearance of your outie.  You typically need a physical exam to tell.  Best, Dr K

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