I've Received an Umbilicoplasty for a Hernia I Was Born With? (photo)

4 Days Post-op It Still Looks Odd W/ Little Depth. Will It Change? I was born w/ a gumball-sized hernia which shrunk to tiny marble shape by age 5. My surgeon said he could alter my navel to 'go in pretty far, but it might not look like everyone else's."4 days post-op, it has no depth. He said it would. Could it gain depth over time? I didn't want a gaping hole, but didn't expect this. Surgeon says after that my skin was thick & he did what he could. What about the bulging center? Was this done correctly? Too soon to tell? Help! (Age 26 petite / athletic frame)

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I've Received an Umbilicoplasty for a Hernia

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Sounds like your surgery was primarily a hernia repair.Whether this turns out to be a great outcome or one that is less than satisfactory, this is what I would expect to see this early. Even a small amount of swelling in this area will overwhelm any contour improvement. All the best. 

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Four days after umbilicoplasty too early to judge results.

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There is a lot of swelling as would be expected in the umbilical stump after an umbilicoplasty. Be patient is this will change considerably over the upcoming weeks.

Too soon to tell but may need a revision

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Thank you for the question and the photos.  It is too soon to tell at only 4 days after your procedure.  Some of the lack of depth may be swelling.  Once the swelling has subsided you can evaluate the depth of your belly button as well as your options for making it look better.

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Dr. Remus Repta

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