I Have an Umbilical Hernia That Hurts when I Cough or Bear Down.

The hernia is forcing 75% of my belly button to pertrude, and I can't "push" it back in. I often have pain when I lie on my stomach and my muscles have weakened in that area, making it difficult to do sit ups. It's currently the size of a thumbprint. My general physician said if I'm thinking of getting pregnant I should wait to repair it. Am I (or baby) in any danger during pregnancy with it? How much more will it worsen during pregnancy? I also have a diastasis recti from my first pregnancy.

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Painful Umbillical Hernia

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A umbellical hernia is a danger when abdominal contents get caught within the space and the blood supply is blocked (strangulated).  A smaller hernia is actually more risky than a large one because it can entrap tissues and not allow an escape. Pain with exercise might signal that tissue is being intermittently caught. Plastic surgeons often repair umbillical hernias at the time of a tummy tuck, but this would not be a consideration if you are planning pregnancy.  The rate of having an acute abdomen from your hernia may be relatively low but your safest option is to have it fixed sooner rather than later.

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Umbilical hernia

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If you have a hernia that doesnot reduce, you may be at risk for an incarceration or basically a "stucK" piece of bowel or fat. This can cause tissue death of the piece that is incarcerated.  It may be advisable to have it repaired ASAP.  But, I would talk to a general surgeon.

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