I'm Two Weeks Post Double Mastectomy with Expanders. Can I Take a Flexeril to Help Minimize Pain?

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Flexeril and breast reconstruction

When an implant or explander is placed under the muscle, it can cause irritation and spasm in the muscle which the patient perceives as pain.  Our practice does prescribe muscle relaxants to our patients who undergo subpectoral breast augmentation or subpectoral placement of expanders for breast reconstruction as an adjunct to their pain control regimen.  You should only take medications prescribed specifically to you by your doctor who knows your medical history and knows which medication is safe and effective for you.

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Does Flexeril help with pain after tissue expander placement?

Tissue expander placement can cause discomfort because the expander is placed behind the muscle.  From that point in the operation each surgeon uses different ways to cover the implant so that it is covered with tissue.  Many times patients develop crampy pain from the placement behind the muscle.  This is especially true in the early period after the mastectomy and placement of the tissue expander.  Muscle relaxants such as Fexeril can help the this type of pain.

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