I have two holes develop 2.5 weeks after my panniculectomy. Why? (photo)

What can be done to close the holes, surgery or just time? My surgeon said that I wasn't eating enough calories or getting enough protein. And now I'm eating 2500-3000 calories and drinking boost, various othe high protein shakes, eating eggs and lean meats, but I'm not sure if something can be done aside from the wet to dry dressing to fix the holes in my stomach whether by my doctor or by myself with my diet. Also, what expectations am I looking at in regards to time it takes to fully heal or close.

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I have two holes develop 2.5 weeks after my panniculectomy. Why?

I am sorry to hears/see the complication you have experienced. Although the appearance of the “holes” are understandably concerning, you should have peace of mind that with ongoing time and dressing changes, these areas will go on to heal. You may actually be amazed at how good the area will look several months from now, as the body “contours” itself.

At this point, your best friends will be time and patience. It will likely take at least four weeks for the wounds to go on to heal. In the meantime, continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon, sooner than already scheduled if you notice any changes or experience any signs/symptoms of infection.

Best wishes.

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