Two Front Teeth with Crowns, One Crown is Cracked. Do I Replace Both?

I have 2 front crowns on my front teeth. The teeth was done 23 years ago. The 1st dentist cut the teeth too close to the nerves. My crowns are shaded 2m1 and adjecent teeth are 2L15. I do not have eye teeth but my teeth are streight because of braces I had years ago. I want the shading to be right hopefully without bleaching. Should I have both front teeth crowns at the same time? I don't want another root canel on the other tooth and I want to keep my teeth as long as possable. Thank you,

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Replace both

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The problem will be matching the other crown color and shade. Also, crowns must be replaced every 8-10 years, so I suggest most definitely change both.

New crowns

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I would definitely replace both crowns since they are as old as you state.  Technology has really advanced and it is going to be easier to make them the same color, etc.  You may also consider more crowns as well

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Two front crowns

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I would definitely recommend that you do the front two drowns.  The technology is so much better than 30 years ago.  They should be made from emax solid porcelain and will look lifelike and last forever.  You might consider veneering the adjacent laterals as well.  Doing the front 4 would give you a really fresh smile that would look dynamite.  Veneers pose no risk to the nerves if the teeth ore not way out of alignment.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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