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For tummy tuck, how many weeks in advance I should have a consultation?

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Consultation and Surgery Scheduling

The consultation can be performed within a week or two of your surgery if your surgeon's schedule allows for it. You don't have to wait for your surgery after you've had a consultation, as long as the surgery has been determined safe and effective for you by your surgeon and you are comfortable in having them perform your surgery. However, it is often the case that patients have to wait a bit between their consultation and surgery because of the  surgeon's schedule. 

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Timing of Consultation and Surgery

Hi there-

The timing of your consultation will depend greatly on your choice of surgeon, as the variables that will affect this the most will be how busy your surgeon is (some might be able to get you in soon for surgery, while others are busier and will not be able to do your surgery for some time), and how long it takes the surgeon you choose to do the procedure you need (in other words, this is another example of the truism that we are no all created equal).

My best advice to you is to do your homework, choose a surgeon you like and can trust, and call his or her office- ask how far in advance the surgeon is scheduling surgery and plan appropriately.

On occasion, if a patient has an important event they need to recover by, I might be willing to work later than usual if I am not otherwise able to accommodate the patient's desired timeline-

The important thing is that you do not compromise your safety or the quality of your care and outcome in order to fit the procedure into your schedule or budget.

Find the best surgeon for you first. Worry about the schedule second.

Here's some good advice on how to go about this:

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Timing for a tummy tuck after your consultation

Hello - Make sure you have enough time to get your preoperative clearance from your primary care physician as well as time to get your bloodwork completed. Also, if you're consulting with several doctors give yourself time to digest all of the information that you'll be given. Try not to rush into something like cosmetic surgery that can be expensive and alter the way that you look. Good luck!

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When you should get your tummy tuck consultation depends on your scheduling and that of your surgeon

The longer in advance you have your consultation for a tummy tuck, the more time you have to plan for your recovery and the more flexibility your surgeon is likely to have to get you on his or her operative schedule. But there is no right or wrong way to do this. I see some patients in consultation who want the surgery as soon as possible, and we work to get them done that way. Others come in and schedule their surgery for 8 months from the consultation and that is ok too.

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Timing for tummy tuck consultation

Even if you are well-prepared for your consultation, it is amazing how many new questions may come to your mind!

My advice is schedule your consultations at least 8-12 weeks before your planned surgery date. This allows you to see at least 2-3 board certified plastic surgeons, compare personalities, results, prices, etc.

This is elective surgery, so there is no urgency to it! Take your time and make sure all your concerns are addressed.

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Interval between Consultation and Surgery

You should allow 8-12 weeks time between consultation and surgery. Plastic surgeons are often busier when the weather is warm, kids are in school and the economy is humming.

I would recommend you not view the consultation as a useless preliminary, regardless of how highly recommended the Plastic surgeon is. This is YOUR chance to review and asses the person you are entrusting your well-being to. So, take your time. read about him / her. Ask as many questions as you have and see several surgeons.

Take your time. Do your homework. The more time you have taken to prepare, the more informed you will be and the wiser your choice of surgeon.

Good Luck.

Dr. P. Aldea

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Depends on health status but usually few weeks

If you are healthy, non smoker and had recent labs and/or physical, getting a tummy tuck becomes a scheduling issue. Medicaly, i like to have few weeks between the consultation and surgery to allow for proper pre-op, instructions etc.

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Start early, plan it out well

It may take several weeks to get an appointment for a consultation. Then it may take another month or two or even more to find a surgery date available that fits both your and your surgeons schedule.  You also have to have a physical by your medical doctor within 30 days of surgery as well as blood work. I would recommend 2-3 months minimum

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6-8 weeks in advance of surgery

On average 6-8 weeks ahead should be adequate unless you have multiple medical problems. In this case a more lengthy than usual pre-operative evaluation may be required. Head's up time might also vary with your surgeon's back log of tummy tuck cases.

Best Regards.

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Plan ahead for tummy tuck

Typically it takes a few weeks to get in to see a busy plastic surgeon, and then there is lag time to when the surgery can be scheduled as well. You want to think also about the recovery after surgery, particularly of you want to be swimsuit-ready for summer. Of course getting the appointment doesn't lock you into a schedule for surgery, so no reason to put it off.

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