What is a Modified Tummy Tuck?

what is a modified tt and can that procedure tighten muscle above and below belly button?

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Taylored tummy tuck

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When I do a tummy tuck the procedure is modified on each patient to their needs ,so in effect all are modified tummy tucks. I believe that most Plastic Surgeons vary the procedure based on each patients needs.

Tummy tuck variations

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It used to be that there was just a full tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck, but now there are a lot of other terms thrown around. The mini will tighten skin only in the area below the belly button, but the muscles can be tightened all the way up if necessary. Then there is the reverse abdominoplasty, which addresses only the yupper abdomen, and is fairly uncommon. Regardless of the flavor of the abdominoplasty, I am a believer in the Progressive Tension Suture method, which I have been using for 12 years; drain can be removed sooner, scar lower, and good shaping in addition to tightening.

Modified Tummy Tuck

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Hi there-

It is difficult to know exactly what these terms mean any more, since there are so many names out there, and one surgeon may not mean the same thing as another when using the same terms...

The best thing to do is to ask your surgeon what exactly will be done as part of your modified tummy tuck.

When I do modified tummy tucks, I do tighten muscles above and below the belly button.

Modified tummy tuck versus standard tummy tuck

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Hello - A modified tummy tuck usually involves a shorter scar, but only the skin below the belly button is removed. For muscle tightening, this is also done just below the belly button if needed. If the entire length of your muscles needs to be tightened and a moderate amount of skin needs to be removed, you may want to consider a standard tummy tuck.

Modified tummy tuck can mean different things

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Hard to answer. Each doctor can adjust the name, terminology of the operation they are planning. I think it means an extended mini tummy tuck with inferior muscle repair or a mini tummy tuck with lower and upper muscle repair. You should ask this doctor for a written explanation and than post it here so we can discuss.

From MIAMI Dr. B

All tummy tucks are "modified"

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All tummy tucks are customized to the body of each patient and all are thus "modified." Otherwise, there is no such thing as a modified TT. There are full ones and minis and marriage ones, but no modified ones.

There is no standard definition of modified tummy tuck

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Every doctor has their own form of modifications of different procedures. You need to discuss what will be done and why it is good for you.

Modified abdominoplasty

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This is a generic term but usually applies to something between a mini-tuck and a full abdominoplasty. It often refers to a procedure where the belly button is moved further down but without an incision around it. This allows slightly more tightening of the skin around and above the belly button than with a mini-tuck but less than a full tummy tuck. In this procedure, the belly button can be left attached or tethered at its stalk or the stalk can be completely transected to allow free movement of the belly button with the abdominal skin.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Modified tummy tuck in Los Angeles

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A modified Tummy Tuck is a procedure wherein abdominal muscles and rectus fascia are plicated in order to contour irregularities in the shape of the female torso. The incision pattern may also be modified to accomodate a bikini or low hip hugger type pair of jeans.

If it were me, I would want to know too and the best source for this information is your own surgeon.

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There are many modifications for tummy tucks that Plastic Surgeons use to tailor the procedure to your needs. I would suggest you discuss with your plastic surgeon what exactly he is going to modify and why. Don't forget, it is your body and it is you that is paying for this to be done to meet your needs. If it were me, I would want to know too and the best source is your own surgeon.

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