Tummy Tuck Vs Laser-lipo? (photo)

I have an apple body shape weigh 145 at 5'7. Although the rest of me is slim, my belly fat never leaves. To create a waist I need to lose two-three inches off each side and a small pouch in front. I have been considering laser-lipo instead of a tummy tuck, since I have no loose skin. But if I use laser-liposuction--won't I get loose skin? What are the pros and cons?

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Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction

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If your abdomen is "puffy" or protuberant, this may indicate that there is some laxity in the rectus muscles. This laxity may occur with age, pregnancy, extreme weight gain and loss, or surgery such as a c-section or hysterectomy. The muscles will not be tightened by any liposuction modality. Surgical tightening with sutures in the muscle via a mini-tummy tuck or full tummy tuck will tighten the muscles. Sometimes, exercise can tighten the rectus muscles, as well, if there is poor muscle tone. Without a profile photo it's hard to tell if you have a surgically significant protuberance.

If your muscles are fine and your skin tone is good, then liposuction is a great way of removing the extra inches from your abdominal area. There are various liposuction systems out on the market. It's best to discuss the differences with your plastic surgeon.
A thorough evaluation by your plastic surgeon is the best way to determine the optimal treatment to achieve flat tummy.
Thank you for your question and best of luck with your surgery!


Gregory C. Park, M.D.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Lipo and/or Tummy Tuck

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Liposuction of all types including #LaserLipo is less invasive and quicker to recover from than a Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty). This is because liposuction only involves removing fat from beneath your skin. Your body will cause the overlying skin to contract only to the degree it is capable, often leaving redundant skin which can be unsightly. In other words, you need good elasticity to get a good result.
A Tummy Tuck involves removing redundant skin and tightening the underlying muscles. Sometimes liposuction is combined as needed with a Tummy Tuck for the best possible result. Your photos suggest that you probably are a candidate for a Tummy Tuck. The question is whether the shape of your abdomen is affected by an excess of fat, skin, muscle separation or laxity, or some combination thereof. This can only be determined by examination, so go ahead and consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Some of my patients elect to have liposuction first, and then opt for a Tummy Tuck if the results are not satisfying.

Tummy Tuck Vs Laser-lipo

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Tummy tucks work well to repair excess skin and fat, and to tighten the abdomen. 

Although there is no side view to see here, the abdominal wall seems to be satisfactory. There is no skin excess. All there is in excess is some fat, so liposuction is the way to go for you. 

Your skin elasticity seems good, as far as I can tell from just a photo, so loose skin should not be an issue.

Thanks, best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction VS Tummy Tuck?

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You did not state if you had children. Assuming you did not, I would suggest a Liposuction (not necessarily laser) with a youthful contractile skin should yield a good result.


Good Luck

Peter A Aldea, MD
Memphis, TN

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck Vs Laser-lipo?

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Yes Smart lipo Triplex + lipo would offer you a simpler operation and very fast recovery. Best to be seen i person by a boarded PSs.

Lipo or TT

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Based on your picture, it does seem like a TT would be too much. Your skin quality is quite good and it looks like it should contract enough after liposuction so that you don't have excess skin after liposuction. There's no good evidence that laser lipo is better than any other liposuction modality. You should do well with regular suction lipo or power assisted lipo a swell as ultrasound assisted liposuction. 


A board certified ps in your area can provide you with the best advice after examining you. 



Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C) 

Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction vs. Tummy Tuck

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I agree that a tummy tuck is probably overkill for you, based on the limited photo set. You appear to be a candidate for liposuction. Vaser liposuction may confer some advantages in skin retraction compared to standard lipo, though this is subject to debate. Make sure it is a board certified plastic surgeon who does your procedure. Like many plastic surgeons, we offer complementary consultations in our office/medspa facility. Remember that you will also need some postoperative care with garments in order to obtain optimal results. I think your skin will retract adequately and you are likely to get a good result with lipo alone.

Good luck!

- Dr. Sayed

Tim Sayed, MD, MBA, FACS
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction Not Tummy Tuck

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Liposuction in the right hands (BC PS) will yield the best result for you.  It appears that you have good skin and should not have loose skin after the procedure. 

Dr. ES

Liposuction works well with good skin

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I agree with the other surgeons here that from the photo it appears that you would do very well with any type of liposuction including regular, ultrasound, or laser liposuction.  It isn't necessarily the machine that is used but the experience of the surgeon using the machine that makes the difference.  Give a crayon to Picasso and he still would do beautiful artwork.  Just be careful and make sure that whoever is doing the surgery checks the top of your belly button prior to proceeding to make sure you do not have a hernia as there may be a little bulge there in the photo.  Without an exam I can't tell and can't give you direct medical advise, but get it checked to be sure.....  Good luck!

Evan Sorokin, MD
Cherry Hill Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck vs liposuction - laser makes little difference

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The basic question is whether to have a tummy tuck or liposuction. Laser lipo, which has several brand names, might help tighten skin slightly but is rarely of any significant benefit in my opinion and can cause problems with scarring in the fat layer. It is not safer than other forms of lipo. Tummy tucks are usually done after the skin has been stretched from pregnancies so lipo may be the way to go for you.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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