Should I Be Concerned About my Grey Belly Button and the Red Patch of Skin That is Firm?

I'm 2 weeks & a few days post op after an uneventful tummy tuck with a fully qualified & competent surgeon; however, I know things happen & I'm concerned about the new greying of the inside of my new belly button, as well as a red patch of skin under my t-incision that feels firm under the skin. I am a non smoker. Mother of 5, last being csection in case that matters at all.

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Should I Be Concerned About my Grey Belly Button and the Red Patch of Skin That is Firm

It is difficult to offer advice or reassurance without at least a photo.

What you describe merits at least a call in to your surgeon who may well want to see you for an exam unless he or she can offer reassurance based on knowledge of what your procedure was and a few added questions. 


Thanks, best wishes.

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Concerning changes after tummy tuck

Without pictures or an in-person examination, it is difficult to determine what problem is occurring.  The red patch of skin under your T-incision is a little concerning.  Is this area new as well or was there some discoloration there all along?  It is possible that the firmness is just some scar tissue and the redness is the inflammation seen during the normal healing process or it may be an infection.  I would recommend talking to your surgeon about any problems that might be occurring.  Good luck!

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