Normal to Have Swelling and Sore Muscles 12 Weeks After Tummy Tuck?

I had full abdominoplasty 12 weeks ago. My weight has always been 108-112lbs (have had 3 children). But I feel I still have abd swelling, if I dont hold my abd muscles tight and let them relax, my stomach sticks out (from pubic bone to ribcage). Also my abd muscles get very sore and tight with any activity. Is this normal this far post-op, or was my surgery unsuccessful? please help...I am freaking out.

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Persistent abdominal swelling following tummy tuck

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IT is best for you to discsuss this with your surgeon. It is unlikely that your muscle repair is damaged. However, you may have poor muscle tone from years of having a rectus muscle diastasis. I find that patients can improve the results of their tummy tuck by incorporating a core strengthening regimen of exercise.

Tummy Tuck and Muscle Repair

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It is difficult to judge, but in some patients who have severe laxity of the abdominal muscle and fascia it is not always possible to get a washboard abdomen.  Also you may want to see your plastic surgeon to make sure your plication has not been compromise.

There could be many reason why this may be going on, but by about 4 months time usually my patients dont have much swelling.

Good luck.

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