Can I Pierce my Belly Button with a Hernia?

I have received a tummy tuck and my stomach looks great. In six months will it be okay ti pierce my navel even though I have an umbilical hernia?

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Repair your hernia before your piercing

I would recommend getting the hernia repaired (herniorrhaphy) prior to umbilical piercing. it would othervise be possible to damage the hernai dack,

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Get your umbilical hernia fixed before you pierce your navel!

It is not a good idea to pierce your belly button if you have an umbilical hernia.   You don't say.... 

  • How long ago was the tummy tuck?
  • Was the hernia there before the surgery?
  • Has a doctor diagnosed the hernia?

Aside from the hernia concern, if there is a scar around your navel a piercing is less likely to be successful because the scar tissue is not as strong as unscarred tissue.  I have seen the metal erode outward through the skin and have to be removed.  A body piercer told me he doesn't recommend navel piercing after an abdominoplasty for this reason, but I have seen it work, too.

Lori H. Saltz, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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