Tummy Tuck Scar (Revised)

My last question: 13 days PO, I'm a little concerned about the puckered/lifting scar.I knew the stretch marks would remain, never thought about them being sewn together. How can I expect this scar to heal & look in the future? Therapy's? Previous answers raised concerns w/the placement & appearance of my scar. It was suggested that a before pic would be helpful.I Lost 105lbs I am 5'2"145lb & choose to have surgery before goal weight cause I can maintain this weight. All answers are appreciated!

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Scar appearance 13 days after surgery

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You obviously had a very significant improvement, even at less than two weeks after surgery.  I would expect that the scar will improve significantly, although there is no way to know just how much improvement you will get.

I suggest you work with your surgeon to try to get the best result possible.  The stretch marks sewn together will probably not be an issue once this is healed and the pink color has resolved.  I'm not a big fan of significant massage or other scar treatments until the incisions are completely healed, but ask your surgeon for their recommendation.

But, DON'T PANIC!  You should see significant improvement in the scars over the coming months.

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck Scar.......

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Hi Sarah
It's way too early to tell what your scar is going to look like when it is finished healing.  It takes about a year on average for the healing and scarring process to complete.  The best thing to do is to treat your scar as it is healing to help make the best scar possible.  There are many scar treatments out there. I find silicone sheeting to be the best.  

Tummy tuck scar

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Skin after large weight loss often does not behave the same as regular skin.  You do have a significant change.  Most scars look their worst at 4 months and then better at 10+ months.  The key is to wait and not go back in early.  Most plastic surgeons will wait at least a year before any type of scar revision surgery.  Until then; keep on a diet with protein, and keep the scars out of UV light.  Some scar creams can help the process as well.  Continue to be in contact with your plastic surgeon, as they will make suggestions as well.  

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy Tuck Scars

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Tummy tuck after massive weight loss is the most difficult scenario in which to get an ideal scar. If the closure is tight you are bound to get some scar widening and if it is not tight you will be disappointed in the amount of loose skin you have 6 months later. Having said that, the time to evaluate the result of your surgical scar is 13 months, not 13 days. Over time the redness of the scar will fade (but not fade away) and the folds or puckering of the skin will smooth itself out. Scar massage and topical treatments such as silicone gel sheeting may help but it will still take time, lots of time.

Joseph Fata, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck scar

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Your tummy is significantly flatter.  I agree that the scar is not ideal.  I would expect it to improve quite a bit over the coming months.  If you are not satisfied with the result, a scar revision is much less involved than the tummy tuck you recently went through.  You can use silicone gel sheeting after the scars are sealed at about 3-4 weeks, massage the scar thickening starting at about 6 weeks when the incisions are well healed.  At 6 months to a year you can consider a scar revision if needed.

Tommy tuck scar

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As I commented before , do not rush into a judgement at this time . Your scars are going to improve by time. After 6 month post another picture . I have no doubt  there would be room to revise & improve your scars.

Tummy tuck result issues

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While I am not thrilled with the look of your result, all you can do now is to massage the scars and give them time to heal and settle.  After 6-12 months you will know what you've got there.  Good luck!

Scar care after tummy tuck

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Thank you for your post. In tummy tuck and other lift/tightening surgeries, tension is the enemy. The scar is healing gradually over 12 weeks or so, and until it is strong, it is the weakest link. As there is a great deal of tension in tummy tucks, body lifts, breast lifts, etc., the scar is at high risk of 'stretching' or widening. Silicone sheeting, although having the ability to make a scar flat, does nothing to prevent stretching of the scar. Creams or steroids or lasers also do not have the ability to prevent stretching of the scar. Those are used if scar is thick or dark, but not to reduce the wideness of the scar, which is the main problem. Massage also does not help keep the scar thin, and can actually worsen the scar in the first 12 weeks because you are actually adding tension to the scar. Massage is for softening a hard or thick scar, but if used early, will hasten the scar widening. Only tension reduction has the ability to keep the scar as thin as possible. You may notice in a lot of tummy tuck scars that the center portion of the scar is the widest with the sides toward the hips being the thinnest. This is because the maximum tension is at the center, and least amount on the sides. Embrace removes a lot of the tension by putting more tension on the skin on either side of the incision and drawing the incision together. It is expensive though at about $100 per week for 12 weeks. When patients do not want to spend the money for embrace, I tape the incision trying to remove as much tension as possible for 12 weeks and recommend no stretching back and to sit most of the time, keeping tension off the scar.
Best wishes,
Pablo Prichard, MD

Pablo Prichard, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck scar (revised)?

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Hello! Thank you for the question! It is common for scars to fully mature for up to a year. In the meantime, there are a few things that may help to ameliorate your incision/scar. The most proven (as well as cheapest) modality is simple scar massage. Applying pressure and massaging the well-healed scar has been shown to improve the appearance as it breaks up the scar tissue, hopefully producing the finest scar as possible. Other things that have been shown to add some benefit, albeit controversial, are silicone sheets, hydration, and topical steroids. These can usually be started at approximately 3-4 weeks postop and when incisions healed. In addition, avoidance of direct sunlight to the incision will significantly help the appearance as they tend to discolor with UV light during the healing process. Scars will never disappear, but attempt is made to make the finest scar in a concealed location. Incisions may be revised to lower or conceal better if enough laxity exists.

If unsightly scars are still present after approximately a year's time, other things that your surgeon may consider are intralesional steroid injections, laser, or just surgical revision of the scar itself.

Hope that this helps! Best wishes!

Lewis Albert Andres, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Scars at 13 days question

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Way too early to  make any decisions. While your scar is a bit irregular you  just need to wait and see how things progress. A scar revision may be indicated in 10 to 12 months. Good Luck! and congratulations on the weight loss.

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 62 reviews

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