Tummy tuck scar is hard, bulging and wrinkled!!! 21 days post-op. Is this ok? (photo)

21 days post op and I am freaking out over the scar. Its hard, wrinkled and bulges. I was up and back to work 2 weeks later and dont feel a lot of pain. Had breast implants done the same day. Could this be due to not resting enough? Moving around too much after surgery? It would be heartbreaking if this went wrong, ive waited 16 years.

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TT Scar Concerns- Healing ridge, and ripples

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First, don't freak out!

At this point, the raised, red, firm scars are part of normal healing, and it is called a "healing ridge", and is comprised of scar tissue and new arteries and veins (ergo, the redness).  This will soften and flatten and turn white over time, and scar creams will help with this.

The puckers on the other hand are due to the way the wound was closed.  This is not uncommon due to the disparity in length between the upper and lower incisions.  Usually, the "puckers" settle and flatten over time and all is eventually good.  It may take up to a year or even a little longer.  It has nothing to do with what you did or didn't do.  It isn't even the mark of a bad closure, it is just the way the wound sometimes has to be closed.

Alternatively, if the closure doesn't look great in a year, a small revision can be done, usually in the office.

Hope this helps.


Tummy Tuck Scar

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This appears to be a normal sca for 21 days after a tummy tuck. The bunching and ridges will smooth out and resolve, but it usually takes 6-8 weeks.

Scars change over time

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the wrinkles and bulges of your scar will smooth and flatten, this is not uncommon to see in some scars initially following surgery.  your scar will likely change over the next several months to a year.  there are various topical creams/moisturizers, silicone tapes, and massage that you should discuss using with your surgeon when if and when it is okay to use - to help speed this process along.
I does not look like anything went wrong with the scar from the picture you sent.

Joseph D. Alkon, MD
Newark Plastic Surgeon

Tummy tuck scar and treatment.

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From your photo, I would not be unduly worried about your tummy tuck scar.  Scars are most notable at three to six weeks post op and will gradually improve and fade over the next 6 to 12 months.  There are a number of topical treatments you can apply to the scar which will help it fade faster.  These include silicone scar sheeting, hydrocortizone cream,  and moisturizers with sunblock.  Ask your surgeon which of topical treatments they would suggest in your case, but don't worry the scar will improve and fade.  Best wishes.  

The TT Scar

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At this point you should calm yourself and wait till your healing progresses.   Hopefully your scar will look much better with time.  My Best,  Dr C

Tummy Tuck Scar takes time to settle

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Your pictures seem to show a rather normal tummy tuck scar.  When a lot of skin is gathered up to close the abdomen, rippling such as this is normal.  It WILL settle down and smooth out.  Be patient, at 3 months you will have a smooth scar.

Tummy tuck scar

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Dear NanouClements,

Thank you for the photo.  In my experience the wrinkling and the firmness of the incision should resolve with time.  It is true, however, that increased activity can increase the firmness of the incision temporarily so making sure that you don't do too much in terms of activity will be important.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck scar is hard, bulging and wrinkled!!! 21 days post-op. Is this ok? (photo)

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Your surgeon chose to "bunch" the upper skin flap dimension in to a shorter lower skin edge dimension so you have "bunching" This usually releases over a 3 month time frame of healing. I use external ultrasound in my practice 2 times a week for 30 minute sessions at $50/session. This speeds up flattening and decrease the hard swelling. Also PRP injections help but these are much more expense.

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