Tummy Tuck Burning Shocking Sensation Pain Help?

I am 9 days tummy tuck pre op. I also had a monplasty, & chin lipo. I am experiencing painful burning shock sensation under bra line right side. It takes my breath away and paralyzes me from the pain. I called my doc he said I need to wear the garment up high under my breast. I am wearing up that high. I tried tightening it, loosing it but nothing I do helps. Everytime I am about to get up there comes the burning sensation. I have to wait till the pain passes and try again. Also my

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Pain after a tummy tuck

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Even though is sounds like normal post-op pain, you should see your plastic surgeon to make sure nothing else is going on and he/she can also give you some pain meds to help with the pain.

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I would ask your surgeon about prescribing a lidocaine patch for the affected area. Symptoms like this are almost always self-limited, and symptomatic relief is what is sought. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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