Retainers After Braces?

So one of my coworkers has both Bottom and Top Permanent Retainers on his Teeth. I was shocked, because my Orthodontist only put a Permanent Retainer on my Bottom Teeth. So I went back and asked my Orthodontist about getting a Top Permanent, and he said he doesn't do them. He said they don't stay on well, and don't work well. I'm confused? Can you get Permanent Retainers on your Top Teeth or not?

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Recommend upper retainers

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Please discuss a removable clear retainers for your uppers. You can wear those at night time when sleeping. This way you are ensured that your teeth will not move.All the best,

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There are many kinds of orthodontic retainers

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There are many kinds of retainers out there, and one CAN do anything.  The question is need. Did you have a large gap before braces?  If the upper teeth weren't very crooked, a bonded wire is overkill.  Some bonded wires are thicker than others, so some bites will break them off.  They ARE more problematic, but are done quite often.  If you REALLY want one and your orthodontist doesn't do them, someone else will.  It likely isn't worth the time, money, and effort, but you can have whatever you want.Keeping them clean and preventing decay is a major challenge.

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