How is that possible to move my front 2 teeth outward or to normal position before getting my braces?

I'm planning on getting braces and when i spoke to my dentist he had informed me that my front two teeth are moving inward and that before we start the procedure of getting my braces done he will first have to move my front 2 teeth outward so that he could then put the braces and bring them into the right position. but my main concern is how would be bring them forward ?

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Types of orthodontic brackets vary

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Sometimes we dentists "over describe" or say too many details without saying enough.  Many times the perception of the patient is that nothing unusual happened at all, when there was quite a bit uniquely done.  Without seeing photos I am just guessing, but it is possible that when braces are put on all of the other teeth, a loop-like bracket will be used to bring the teeth forward.  When they are far enough, the loops can be removed and then brackets can be placed.To many, this is simply "braces", and no need to describe what is being done (other than "getting braces").  I could make a better guess if I had photos to look at, but the best person to ask is your dentist.

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