Should I Trust Groupon Veneers for $400?

Good morning everyone. I stumbled upon a Groupon where a doctor in my DMV area is offering $400 per porcelein veneer or lumineer. Should I trust this source? Most veneers cost double from research. How is this even possible?

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Groupon and a $400 veneer

Veneers are expensive and $400 dollars for a veneer is definitely a cheap price. This does not necessarily mean you have to run scared the other way because the cost is so low.  Groupon has its place and it is a wonderful thing for people looking for deals whether it be dentistry or cosmetic procedures or vacations.  Many dentists with  huge names in the dental field, have used Groupon to bring in more new patients,  That is primarily the reason they put an ad out there.  It is not so much for the money because they will usually break even or make a few dollars, but it is to get new patients into their practice.  There are many good doctors out there that are using Groupon and Living Social. My suggestion to you is look the dentist and practice up on the web and see what you can learn about him and his background and experience.  You are paying the dentist for his time and also for his experience in this field, but if the practice wants new patients, he can eat this and he is only out the lab fee . I know I am coming from a different place but the truth is there are good deals out there with good dentists doing the work so just do your homework and make sure he has experience and is a reputable dentist.  Hope this helps because I am assured my colleagues will not go down this path.  This is not about them but the patient and many people can not afford the prices dentists charge for these procedures..  People can go to Costa Rica and other countries and have beautfiul work from great dentists that charge considerably less!  Just because it is expensive does not mean it is the best!

Veneers: Groupon deal too good to be true?

Porcelain veneers require an experienced cosmetic dentist working closely in conjunction with a cosmetic lab. The cost of veneers (to the dentist) is close to $400. Groupon receives a sizable portion of that. Therefore, I wonder about the quality of the veneer, and the experience of both the dentist, and the lab.

Best of luck.

James Asaf, DDS

James Asaf, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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Groupon, but worth it?

The lab fees alone for porcelain veneers fabricated by top ceramists are almost that much.  I just can't imagine anyone getting quality cosmetic treatment with porcelain veneers at that cost.  My guess is that the dentist is probably using a discount lab, possibly even one out of the United States (China?). 

I suggest you check around to see what the average fee is in your area.  Then at least you might be getting "average" porcelain veneers.  But if you're going to the cheapest dentist in town.....well, you've heard it time and again...."you get what you paid for!"

One point I want to make is that in our cosmetic practice 1/3 of all the porcelain veneers or cosmetic crowns I do are redoing the cosmetic dentistry that did not meet the patient's expectations.  Many of them shopped lowest price, instead of quality, experience and personalized care.  Then when they were dissatisfied and asked us to redo the veneers or crowns done by the previous dentist they were pretty discouraged, as they realized they actually spent more in the long run than if they had their veneers done right in the first place.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

Dont' do it

  • Unless the dentist is essentially do it for "cost" I would RUN from this deal.  
  • Groupon takes a portion of the really the dentist is only getting $200 per veneer (approximate)
  • I can't imagine the quality of a $200 veneer
  • EXCEPTION: the dentist might be a new dentist and he's doing this promotion as a practice builder in hopes that you will be a patient for life. 
  • If I were you I would be VERY VERY Skeptical of this deal

Peter Boulden, DMD, FAGD
Atlanta Dentist
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Groupon Veneers for 400! Trustworthy?

A high quality lab will charge 250-350 to construct veneers.  That is before the dentist incurs all his costs of labor, rent, materials etc.  The only way they can even break even on these is to use the cheapest lab they can find.  Maybe there is a great lab out there doing awesome veneers for next to nothing but I haven't found one.  I can't imagine there is any guarantee at that price level either.  The true cost of a procedure such as veneers is not just the initial fee.  The value comes in quality and longevity.

Donald L. Wilcox, DDS
Glendale Dentist
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$400 veneers

Lots of good advice has been given.  It really is about the dentist doing the work and the reason he is offering such a steep discount.  Does he seem to be rushed or pushy, will he take time to talk to you, will he stand behind his work if a problem develops. All considerations. Get a second opinion and find out the type of veneers he is proposing.  Is he going to trim your teeth down?  We end up redoing lots of work done in Mexico by unhappy U.S. citizens trying to save money.  In most cases you get what you pay for, but there are sometimes exceptions.  Check it out well as once the work is done, it may cause irreversible damage to your teeth that may cost more to fix down the road.  There are good dentists that will find a way to help you get something beautiful and lasting done without doing a poor job: they might cost alittle more but they always stand there work and take the time to talk to you.   Good luck

Scott LeSueur, DDS
Mesa Dentist
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Should I Trust Groupon Veneers for $400?

You have the right suspicion.

Patients wind up in my office all the time because they are disappointed with the veneers they have had in other offices. If you are on an extreme budget AND you have terrible teeth, then maybe it's worth the gamble to make a major improvement in your smile.

Otherwise, like any other cosmetic procedure. Think carefully about what you want to change and improve. Think carefully and communicate with your cosmetic dentist about what you are expecting BEFORE you begin. My hunch is that these steps will be bypassed for this discounted fee.

Scott Greenhalgh, DDS
Denver Dentist
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Lumineers and Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry is an art and science. You are wise to think about this. You really get what you pay for with cosmetic dentistry and you have to live with it everyday.  Always have a consult and see photos of the dentists work up close prior to any commitment.


Ronald Konig DDS
Houston Dentist
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Don't walk, run!

I like how Dr. Jay Neuhaus answered this question referring to trusting a $0.50 parachute.  It's true: you will get what you pay for. 

I highly suggest spending your time researching reputable dentists in your area instead of searching out the ones offering the "best deal."  To do great work, sometimes dentists have to charge higher fees because they are using superior materials, better labs, or are setting aside more time to give you and the case the proper attention and not rush (as some of these "dental factories" do), for example.  

My advice: Get it done the right way the long run, you will absolutely be better for it. 

Tracy Shaw, DMD
Miami Beach Dentist
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Be wary of "cheap" veneers

A $400 dollar veneer is probably not worth putting on your tooth.  Be aware that the dentist doing a deal with Groupon for a $400 veneer is actually only getting $200 because Groupon takes 50% of the deal and keeps it.  The average porcelain veneer is actually closer to $1000 in the US at this time.  They range from dentist to dentist and area of the country you are in though.  Be very careful.

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