Earache after 2 weeks out of Mini Neck/facelift, is this normal?

2 weeks after a mini facelift and neck lift is it okay to have an earache? and some weird shaped swelling and bruising on the same side? Other than that everything else I think is fine. My one side though seems swollen and my ear aches. Just curious how long this might last and if there is anything I can be doing?

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Earache after a facelift should be checked out.

If the external auditory canal is unprotected during a facelift blood can trickle into the air and create Otitis Externa. The ear should be cleaned and treated with Ear drops.

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Facelift, mini-lift, ear pain, earlobe

Hi your question is a good one. There are a few things that can be going on here. First, there may be a slight infection around the incision line but it is hard to say without a proper history and physical examination. There may be some slight tenderness from the surgery which is probably normal as well (depending on your level of sensitivity). It is always possible to have an ear infection that people may get from time to time as well. Withought a proper examination however it is impossible to say with any degree of certaintly

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Earache after facelift

It's not uncommon to have swelling around the opening to the external canal of your ear after you have had a facelift. You may also have some incisional tenderness at the region of the ear called the tragus. Swelling typically subsides over several weeks. There is also a possibility that you have an external canal infection causing the pain. I would follow up with your surgeon to ensure that you do not have a canal infection.

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Earache after facelift

Tenderness in the earlobe is common after facelift, though earache is not. It could mean fluid in the ear canal and a low grade inflammation we call external otitis which can be treated with drops. Be sure to have your surgeon take a look so it can be treated if necessary.

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Earache? after facelift

An earache after a facelift may or m ay not be related to the surgery, but either way should be investigated.

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Earache 2 weeks after facelift requires an examination

Swelling of the ear canal or blockage of the ear canal by dried bloodcan cause any earache after facelift surgery.

It is important that you see her plastic surgeon for any examination with an Otoscope to see if there is blockage of your ear canal.If there is this can be treated in the blockage removed.  It may be necessary for your drops to treat or prevent a superficial infection called Otitis Externa.

Earache after a facelift

You should visit your surgeon and obtain his/her opinion and treatment. Your ache may be due to various issues such as swelling, low grade infection, ear wax impaction, pressure from sutures, wound healing issues or sensory nerve temporary dysfunction. 

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Earache after a facelift

Earache after a facelift
On rare occasions patients can experience some earache due to swelling of external ear canal. There are some other infrequent causes of earache. You still should be under care of your surgeon, who should be following your healing. Your surgeon can advise you on your individual healing.

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