Is Two Weeks After Blepharoplasty Too Soon to Travel?

I am 39 years old and am scheduled for an upper blepharoplsaty for vision concerns on May 4th. However, I already have plans for a vacation in Hawaii, leaving on May 18th. Is that too soon to travel? I am not overly concerned about being out with some bruising, but I'm very nervous about having the two events so close together. What would you suggest?

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Travel is safe two weeks after blepharoplasty if surgery and healing are normal and uncomplicated

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I have many patients from overseas who come to my practice for blepharoplasty. Our standard time for them to return home is 14 days after surgery.

However I strongly recommend that my patients refrain from heavy lifting, aggressive work outs and other vigorous activity for 3 weeks after eyelid surgery.

If your vacation is planned as quiet recovery time you will be fine.

However your appearance will not be normal.

I always advise patients who plan important events in which they will be visible to other people to allow at least 6 weeks after any facial or eyelid plastic surgery before the event.

I would hold off on the surgery

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The likelihood is that you would have your surgery and be able to travel without any problem. But why take the chance? If you have any complication from the surgery you may have to cancel what is probably an expensive trip and risk losing money you put forward. Additionally, after the surgery you will need to protect your eyes carefully from the sun and may be very sensitive to sun and wind, both of which Hawaii has plenty. Your surgeon will probably not retire by the time you return, so hold off if you can. Good luck!

Safe to travel

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Most patients would be safe to travel two weeks after a blepharoplasty. Your surgeon should give you the green light though. There may be some residual bruising and swelling, but yo should have no problems traveling as long as you avoid physically demanding activities and take precautions with the sun. 

Acceptable to travel after two weeks

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It is acceptable to travel after two weeks since the time of your blepharoplasty. You may not be completely healed and may have some residual swelling and bruising. However, this will subside during your convalescence.

You will probably be fine, but be careful

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Two weeks after blepharoplasty is usually plenty of time to wait for traveling. However, if you are going to Hawaii, I would imagine that you will out in the sun and possibly the water. That is not the best idea so soon after surgery. Nobody can guarantee how fast you will heal after surgery, but discuss it with your surgeon and if you are careful, you should be OK.

Dr. Miller

You should be fine to travel

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Two weeks after surgery you should be fine to travel. However, keep in mind that you will still be healing and your incisions will not be completely mature. If you are traveling to Hawaii, you really need to make sure that you protect the incisions from the sun. Have a great time. Good luck.

It is a close call. Be well prepared

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As expressed in the panel, it is a close call. In general it will be fine but you are taking a small risk. For the long trip have the eye drops and ointment handy.The hard part will be the amount of activity that you will be allowed to do. Best of luck

Travel this soon after surgery is not ideal.

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Dear KB

I have an international practice. My patients travel. It is the reality. You are having functional blepharoplasty and by 7 days after surgery, your sutures will be out and by 10 days the eyelid bruising will be mostly resolved. The eyelid will still be swollen when you travel so 9 hours of flying will make our eyes feel quite dry. Bring an artificial tear and a bland ophthalmic ointment. Because the ointment will blur the vision significantly, just use the drops unless the eyes get especially uncomfortable.

So you should be fine. However, I do not lift my restriction on intense physical activity following eyelid surgery until the end of the third post operative week. So don't plan on going diving, horseback riding, parasailing, hand gliding, bungee jumping, swimming, etc. If you have a post-operative issue which is rare but can happen, you might find yourself unable to travel. Trip insurance would be recommended but just confirm that it will in fact apply to your situation.

What is my recommendation? While it can be done and you would likely be fine. If you have a choice, it is probably best to have the eyelid surgery when you are not about to leave town. By the way, what did your surgeon advise you?

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Eyelids heal fast, don't worry

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Blepharoplasty surgery is very gratifying because it not only significantly reduces the appearance of age but the healing time is fast and the results are quickly seen. If this is a straight forward upper lid blepharoplasty in which skin, muscle and fat are to be removed than you should be fine within a week. If this surgery involves particular oculoplastic procedures than that's a question for your surgeon. The other caveat is that should a complication occur this could jeopardize your trip.

Overall I wouldn't be too concerned and if you were my patient I would probably say it's okay to travel.


You can travel, but don't plan on anything exciting

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At two weeks after blepharoplasty (assuming it is uncomplicated), you should be fine to travel to Hawaii. However, you should wear sunglasses and a hat since you will be most sensitive to wind, sand , and sun. Check with your doctor to make sure he/she is on board with your plan. Don't plan on swimming, either in a pool or the ocean. There could be a rare chance you would need medical attention in Hawaii, so I would ask your doctor in advance for a name and a phone number of a plastic surgeon in Hawaii should you need one. Best of luck.

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