Translucid Veneers?

I have recently had veneers done (my two front teeth) in another country by a family member who is a dentist. Without asking me first, he put in veneers with slightly transparent bottom edges. He said it is esthetically pleasing when the teeth let light pass through. I am having a difficult time getting used to my new transparent teeth. I wanted nice big WHITE teeth. Is it possible to put something like a thin layer of composite behind the veneers to make them less transparent? Thanks!

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Light and teeth

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Light behaves in several ways when it strikes natural teeth, it will bounce off the surface, travel partially through the tooth then bounce off in different directions, and  also go entirely through the tooth.  Being able to mimic this is not easy and takes a talented ceramicist.  Normally in nature we see the most light traveling through at the incisal edge or bottom edge of the tooth.  "High end" labs pride themselves on being able to do this perfectly.  They do this by cutting back porcelain and adding in a more translucent porcelain that in the presence of light looks blueish. So it's not necessarily a bad thing unless you didn't want it there to begin with.  Ideally the wants and desires of the patient are ascertained by the doctor then communicated to the lab.  This communication would prevent the situation you are in now.

Your options are to find a dentist who is knowledgeable about conditioning, treating and bonding composite to porcelain.  It may be possible to cut back some of the porcelain on the inside of the bottom edge then add an opaque composite resin.  This would be bonded to the porcelain just like the resin is bonded on the inside of the veneer holding it to the tooth (very strong if done correctly).  It is possible that it would block enough light to make you happy.    Upside is that it is quick, inexpensive,  and noninvasive.  The downside is that it will be more susceptible to stain and will need to be replaced periodically depending on your bite.

Your other option is to replace the veneers.  Upside is that  once it is done right you will have less maintenance than the first option.  Downside is cost, time, more invasive  (anytime we take off veneers we increase the chance of the tooth needing a root canal).

Both are viable options.  I personally try to be as conservative as possible while being careful not to sacrifice esthetics.

Good Luck,

John Schmid DDS LVIF


Transparent Veneers

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Your dentist is right, the look of thise veneers are more esthetically pleasing. However, if this is not what your wanted or asked for you should look into something you will be happy with. Just an FYI, the current veneers you have just look transparent due to the bluish gray tint incoporated into the porcelain.

Svetlana Novak, DMD
Natick Dentist

Transparent edges show off skills of lab

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Your dentist is right, the transparent edges ARE a higher end result not often found with labs.  However, if you do not WANT them, then they shouldn't be there.  Communication of desires are important before starting, as there is no way to fix this without starting over.

I high quality veneer is NOT monochromatic (one color).  They should have 3-4 shades, darker near the gums, translucent at the tip, bright throughout the body.  Despite what the veneer SHOULD look like, patients have the right to override nature and request unnaturally white teeth.  They may not match the adjacent teeth (when doing just 2) but that is up to the patient.

A complete redo is the only solution.

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Transparent veneers?

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The short answer is no best option remove and try in before fully inserted to make sure you are happy with results good luck


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD   CEO Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
Springfield Dentist

Changing the veneers

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i think you should change the veneers, its the best option,veneers are very simple to do, and you will have a solution very fast,and simple,

unfortunately, you will have to do the procedure again.

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