Porcelain Veneers 2 Years Ago On Top 6 Teeth. Can I Put Another Veneer Over Existing?

2 yrs ago i had my top 6 teeth veneered. i got the whitest one and them made longer to show more teeth when i smile. is it now possible to put another veneer over my existing ones to make them whiter and more longer? when i bite down i imagine me having longer teeth and it doesnt seem to get in the way. i was also told that zirconia crowns will give me that fake opaque look that i want. however there is nothing wrong with my teeth. do zirconia crowns come in veners? plz help.

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New veneers

change those veneers, now provably, a complete zirconium crown would be the best option,and its a very simple treatment,we can gain size, shape, and even change color,if you need it.a smile design, would be great option for you, that way you will have more aesthetical solution.

Veneers over veneers

Yes it is theoretically possible to place veneers over veneers. The problem is that the bond between the two veneers will be weak and prone to fracture.

If you want your veneers to be whiter then the best option is to redo the veneers in the whitest possible porcelain that is available.

Sylvan Fain, DDS
Miami Dentist
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Can I put a veneer over another veneer?

The short answer is yes but it makes little sense the tooth will appear to thick and bonding strength may not be as good just have it removed and place a new one good luck


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MBA, MAGD     CEO Baystate Dental PC

Kevin Coughlin, DMD
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Porcelain Veneers

In your case it is best to replace your exsisiting veneers with other porcelain veneers.  Full crowns require significant tooth reduction.  The goal is to be as conservative as possible while obtaining the results you desire

Murray Bruckel, DDS
Norwalk Dentist
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Porcelain Veneers on top of old veneers

You asked several good questions. Yes, it is theoretically possible to put veneers over your existing veneers, but they would likely be bulky and have several degrees of inherent weakness. It would be best to just replace the existing veneers with the color and shape you desire.  Zirconia crowns can look natural if handled properly by a skilled cosmetic dentist and ceramist, however, I encourage only using crowns when crowns are necessary. The principle is to use the most conservative treatment for the desired appearance and logevity.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
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It is best to completely replace

Zirconia cannot bond to teeth, so they cannot be made as veneers.  Veneers require a strong bond or else they will break or fall off the teeth.  If you want zirconia, you will need crowns, restorations that cover the entire tooth.

Depending on the veneer material, you CAN veneer over them, but most of the time it is best to completely replace them with new materials.  An experienced cosmetic dentist should be able to help determine the best route.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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Porcelain Veneers may be redone to achieve a more desired result

The advantage of porcelain veneers is that they may be used to achieve a wide variety of results from a minimal change to often times drastic. If you are unhappy with the esthetic result of your veneers they may be changed. However, they will need to be removed from the teeth and new veneers would need to be fabricated. Veneers cant be placed over one another. If you decide to redo the case, consult with dentists in your area that have a great deal of experience with porcelain veneers.Typically prior to a veneer case, we consult with the patient to determine their desired goals. Some of their requests may be realistic and some may not. Make sure the dentist has a thorough understanding of how you desire the teeth to look. Topics to discuss with your dentist are the shade, opacity, gum position, length, contour, and alignment of the future veneers. I typically have the patients bring in photos of smiles they like from magazines. I then take photos and produce models of the patients mouth. I'll either show the patient a digitally modified image of a "goal result" or a stone model of their mouth to give them an idea of their possible post-op result based on our discussion. Once you feel 100% comfortable then move forward to achieve your smile goals.

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