Can hair loss be caused by drywall dust & paint?

A couple of years ago I was repairing my ceiling with (a lot of scraping off a painted stucco ceiling and drywall work). A couple days after the job I noticed a significant amount of hair loss which has continued to get worse. Hair loss is in the form of male pattern baldness. I was wondering if it's even possible for the before mentioned to be the cause of my hair loss. If so, what tests should be done to confirm this is the cause and what course of treatment should be taken? Thanks.

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Hair loss from drywall plaster exposure

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It is very unlikely the drywall and plaster dust caused hair loss. You report that it is in the pattern of male pattern baldness, so it is maybe just a coincidence these 2 events coincided or you just began to notice the loss for some reason after the exposure. MPB is genetic. Other causes of hair loss due to medical conditions do not usually present themselves as patterned male loss.

Hot Springs National Park Dermatologic Surgeon

Can hair loss be caused by drywall dust & paint?

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Thanks for your query. Male pattern baldness is genetic and the treatment can be started after you consult it with a dermatologist. You can either send in your pic for better consult. Hope it helps
All The Best

Ajaya Kashyap, MD
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Hair loss -- PRP, Progesterone, Viviscal, Rogaine, Finesteride, Spironolactone, follicular unit (FUE) hair transplantation/ARTAS

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It is rare to have external factors affecting hair loss unless its long term toxin ingestion.  Please see an expert for an evaluation.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Hair loss from paint, stucco and drywall

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It is quite unlikely it is related. For it to be possibly related, you would yourself need to become ill. The hair loss would not be male patterned. It would be diffuse. However, a full exam and review of all your details would be needed.
See a dermatologist if concerned.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

Hair loss

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Exposure to paint that contains lead can produce hair loss. Many older paints have lead int them so you have to be cautiious

William Rassman, MD
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