Compression garment leaving crease in my skin: what should I do? (photos)

I am 12 days post op from my endoscopic tummy tuck and liposuction surgery. My medical grade compression ion garment is worn daily for 23 hours. There is small crease forming above my belly button, despite either standing or laying mostly inclined. Will this go away on its own, or should I massage/try something else to help alleviate this?

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Skin creases from compression garment.

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The garment should be worn to provide gentle compression in a uniform fashion.  It should not be excessively tight or uncomfortable.   Sometimes garments can leave skin indentations at pressure points. Using a compression foam such as Epifoam can help.  You might want to also try a different size or brand of garment.  The crease should resolve over time if the compression in that area is removed. Best wishes to you!

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Compression garment leaving crease in my skin: what should I do?

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I really like lipo foam to help in situations like this one. Massaging does help also and should be started as soon as you can tolerate it. Professional lymphatic massages will also help to smooth things out. It may go away on it's own, but creases can also become permanent. It is best to be aggressive in trying to get rid of the crease early.

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