What is the average cost of a breast lift with auto augmentation in Canada?

Hello! What is the average cost of a breast lift with auto-augmentation in Canada? I have been researching doctors in Toronto,ON that offer this procedure. I have lost approximately 70 pounds and have large breasts still (full D) but they are very saggy now, and I do not prefer the idea of having an implant if not necessary.

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Breast lift

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The fees for a breast lift will vary from surgeon to surgeon.  Looking at the Canadian plastic surgery society website may guide you to someone in your area.

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Cost of a breast lift with AUTO augmentation

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The cost will vary in the Toronto area depending on who you see.  A breast lift using your own tissue to fill the upper pole (auto augmentation) is not done by all surgeons.  Some may just remove skin to tighten your breast which will look fine for a few weeks to months but not give you the change to the underlying breast shape. You really need to reshape the breast tissue and resuspend this in a higher position to get a lasting youthful Perrier breast. I would estimate that with anaesthetic fee, facility fee and surgical fee that you would be looking at $5000 to $8000 in the GTA.
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