I'm 40lbs over my ideal weight and have severe lordosis. Am I a candidate for liposuction? What would my end results be? (Photo)

I am 40 lbs over my ideal (skinny) weight with a bmi of 28. I have severe lordosis therefore my stomach muscles have been weak as long as I remember and now that I am 40 lbs over, my stomach is really protruding specially when i sit down. I havent had kids yet therefore abdominoplasty is not an option for me yet. I want to know if liposuction is the right choice and how good my results would be?

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Liposuction and overweight

You probably are not a great candidate for liposuction being that you are 40lbs overweight, but some patients might have liposuction to deflate some areas to help them along.

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40 pounds overweight and liposuction

Dear Savo,

As a general rule it is advisable always to try a committed course of diet and exercise to get within a reasonable target weight of your ideal body mass index. Forty pounds overweight does not make you the best candidate for liposuction, but it does not eliminate you either from candidacy. In addition to weight is the elasticity and skin tone of the region to be contoured. From the photos provided, it appears that you do have some significant laxity of the posterior flank and hip with reasonably taut skin of the intra abdomen. It is imperative that if you are a candidate for liposuction that you seek the advice of an experienced liposuction surgeon that has access to the technologies that can provide significant soft tissue contraction and retraction, specifically SmartLipo™, BodyTite™ and possible VASERlipo™.

These types of thermal contraction liposuction systems would be a very important part of your flank and hip contouring. There is good evidence that thermal-based lipoplasty and liposuction techniques – that is, techniques that provide internal thermal stimulation at the time of removal of fat – can result in between 17% and 35% soft tissue contraction over the course of the 12 months following the procedure. In selected patients, this may eliminate the need for excisional surgery.

Although it is difficult to tell from the photos provided, the front of your abdomen appears to have more taut skin and there may, in fact, be a lot of the excess body weight in the intra abdominal cavity, which is not subject to improvement with liposuction. If this is the case, then abdominal protuberance would require weight loss in order to get significant improvement. The only improvement that you achieve in the front of the abdomen would be that fat which you can grab with your hands and pinch between your fingers and the surface of the skin.

Your next most important step would certainly be to seek out the advice and consultation of one or more plastic surgeons with 15 to 20 years’ experience with a busy liposuction practice, who have access to lipo contouring equipment that will enhance the soft tissue contraction. Fortunately, you live in a province and a city with excellent plastic surgeons. Ensure you interview two or three prior to selecting one. Most plastic surgeons will rightfully advise that you make some commitment towards a more ideal body weight, but you can gather information regarding lipocontouring in the process.

In my own personal practice, I have been performing energy-assisted liposuction for over 15 years, with extensive experience using radiofrequency-assisted energy (BodyTite™), laser lipolysis (SmartLipo™) and ultrasound-assisted energy (VASERlipo™).

To find out more about these interesting technologies and how they may be helpful in one day helping you achieve non-excisional contour improvements, please check out the reference link.

I hope this helps.

R. Stephen Mulholland, M.D., Certified Plastic Surgeon, Yorkville, Toronto

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Liposuction for protruding tummy

Thank you for your liposuction question.
  • Liposuction can remove excess fat on your tummy,
  • It will not improve the protruding muscle,
  • If there is any  way to improve your lordosis, that would be helpful,
  • How much improvement you will get from liposuction requires a face-to-face exam
  • If you can pinch an inch or more of skin, chances are there is fat to remove,
  • In an ideal world, of course, you would lose the weight and avoid the liposuction but that is not easy for many people. Best wishes.

I'm 40lbs over my ideal weight and have severe lordosis. Am I a candidate for liposuction? What would my end results be?

Liposuction may be appropriate to help with the appearance, but I would have to examine you.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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