Tooth 13 extraction and question on 14

I had root canal on 13 and 14  crowned 15 years ago. The crowns were replaced almost two times. Yesterday my 13 tooth came off with crown and only little tooth left. Today I have seen the dentist, he told me tooth 14 root canal has not done properly and need to do redo ( Canals were filled with silver posts and one canal left untreated because not found) and extract tooth 13 and place an implant. I am attaching x-ray in the Photo section. What are my options 1. If I go for 14 root canal redo ( no pain now) - If it fails, then extractions - implant  2. Tooth 13 extraction and go for implant ? or Both at the same time I heard Immediate loading implants ? Will it work in this case.   Thanks for your time 

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Replace Failing Root Canals with Implants

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It sounds like you are going through heroic efforts to try and salvage these teeth.  The best long term prognosis for restoration of these teeth would be for extractions and bone grafts with implant placement. You are putting a lot of time and expense into a treatment that does not have a good long term prognosis.  Implants would be your best long term option and most cost effective over the long term

Phoenix Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

How many times do you want to work on these teeth?

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If you want to phase things over a period of time, you can do the crown lengthening on 13 with a new crown.  Follow that by taking a wait-until-it-hurts approach on #14, which may never happen.  There is some risk of one or possibly both teeth failing and needing further treatment in taking this approach.


If you want to simply eliminate structurally compromised #13 and take care of the "potential" problem of  #14, have both #13 and #14 extracted, place implants and restore with new implant supported crowns on #13 and #14.  This approach is a forward thinking, long-term result oriented treatment.  Implants will be more stable with minimal risk of ever giving you problems in the future.

Ron Evans, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Extraction VS. Implants

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Your # 14 tooth is not hurting you now, but I agree that you either have to retreat or place an implant. You also have the option of extracting # 13,  and retreating #14, and placing a bridge .. However, the latter is not he best option it is the worst , but still an option you need to know about.

Now what would I do if it were my mouth? I would extract #13 , place an implant , and do the same with #14 . If I had the finances, I would do it at the same time, and get it over with. If not one at a time. #13 first, and #14 next.

Good luck

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

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Retreatment of Root Canal vs. Extraction and an Implant:

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Based on this x-ray (without clinical exam), tooth #13 seem to have a limited support for a new crown. Extraction and Implant may be your better option to save future dental visits.

Tooth #14, however can be treated later, if there is no active infection and existing crown is sealed well. Root Canal Retreatment and a new crown OR extraction and an Implant will be your two choices for tooth #14, if needed.

Hema Patel, DDS
Fremont Dentist


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The efforts and costs to save these teeth may be better served by simply removing them both and placing implants now instead of later.  This will preserve bone and avoid the pain expected later.


The cost to redo the root canal and make a new crown will be similar to the implant route, but with a higher success rate.

Deciding Between Retreatment of Root Canal vs. Extraction of Tooth and Implant

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It's hard to say from just this x-ray, but here are the things I talk to my patients about to help them choose the best treatment for them.  First -- consider that whichever treatment options you choose, the investment is going to be significant, so make sure you are in very good hands. 

(since I can't see the rest of your x-rays or do a clinical exam, this consultation is just an estimated opinion)

Reviewing your x-ray, here are the options I can see :

(I'm assuming that #13 is not decayed or fractured way below the gum or bony socket)

1.  Save #13 with crown-lengthening, build-up and porcelain crown.  Leave #14 alone since it is has no symptoms.  (if you have a definite infection/abscess at the root tips of either tooth, then you would need to retreat the tooth first -- and I would use an experienced endodontist to do that)


2.  Extract and implant #13 -- leave #14 alone.  (If #14 has an active infection or is causing you problems, then I would recommend treating it).


3.  Immediate load implants have a lower success rate than progressive load.  (you can have a small temporary tooth that clips into place so that you won't have a gap while the implant settles in)

I hope this was helpful!


Dr. Susan Estep

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