What is Best Option for Denture Replacement W/ Receading Gums for 84 y/o Male??

84 year old needs denture replacement. He no lower teeth and receding gums . Dentures are "floating" eating limited and he is loosing weight. What are options for replacement low cost? Implants are not good investment based on age. Individual has Tricare, Medicare and Medicaid (A&B)

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Implants to stabilize a lower denture

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Implants aredefinitely an good investment based on age.  Consider the fact that this individual has a poor quality of life an can easily live sevreal more years.  If he cannot wear dentures not only does his quality of life diminsh , so does his longevity based on the fact that he will becoe malnourished.  Usually the placemnt of 2 dental implants to stabilie a lower denture is all it takes.  This is relatively low caost for several years of good quality of life.  The other option are mini implants which are much less costly to retain a lower denture.  These do not have the longevity of regular dental implants, but they can be very successful for a few years if placed correctly.

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Implants are only option to stabilize a lower denture.

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It sounds like the lower denture instability is really impairing his life.  It's at this pint in someone's life that chewing is so important for proper nutrition.  Fortunetly implants can help stabilize the lower denture or even aid in providing non removable teeth.  Different solutions will require between 2 and 6 implants to stabilize either a denture or fixed bridge.  This is a very worth while investment that can offer an improved quality of life.    

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Mini Implant Retained Dentures

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Mini Implants are a great option for people that want a low budget option but at the same time a very stable way to get rid of ill fitted or lose dentures. I do many mini implant retained dentures cases and I can see a very high success rate. Also, mini dental implants are a great option for people with narrow bone, which could be your case. Your current dentures can be used and adapted or new dentures can be made in less than a week.

Options for denture support

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The simplest treatment option is to place two dental implants for support of an overdenture. This makes a dramatic difference in a person's life and their ability to eat well. Even in patients, with significant bone loss, implants are possible. I do not recommend mini-implants as they fail often. Conventional implants are the best choice.


Dr. Kazemi


H. Ryan Kazemi, DMD
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Ways to stabilize dentures

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The only possible way to stabilize a denture like this would be to place two dental implants that the denture would snap into.  The quality of life, eating, etc would improve greatly.  Unfortunately it does not meet your low cost requirement.  Based on his age implants are still a great investment

84 year old needs something to stablize dentures

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I would not suggest implants for an 84 year old who is on a limited budget and wants his dentures stablized so he can eat.  They are way to costly. I would start with the least expensive solution and then move up the ladder!  The least expensive one and a good one is Suction Cup Dentures. They can be used for maxillary as well as mandibular restorations and any existing denture can be easily converted to suction cup dentures.  Now the next solution for him, if this one does not work, would be to try MDIs or mini implants.  They are titanium rods that are very small that are placed into the jaw and screwed in.The top of the implant has a ball on it. A socket is placed on the denture and just like a ball and socket it is snapped in place. Stablization usually can be done with two mini implants. It is an easy two hour procedure in the dental office and we have had very happy denture patients with this procedure and it is affordable.  Hope these suggestions help you

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

Implants are especially good for elderly people with dentures

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His best bet is to get two implants to stabalize his lower denture. They will be a great investment because his quality of life and health (due to better nutrition) will improve tremendously.

You can try to make new dentures but if he has advanced bone loss, it won't help.

Hope this helps

Dr. T


Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
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