Is it normal to still have nerve pain from crowned tooth, over a month later?

I had a crown procedure, no root canal, done on November 15th. I am still having nerve pain in the tooth even chewing on soft things like gum. It doesnt feel like its set wrong. The bite feels the same as it always did. Its not too high as to when im biting i bite on the crown be fore any other tooth. Just when im chewing on food there is still very sharp nerve sensitivity and its quite uncomfortable. I can even pinpoint what part of the tooth its coming from. Will this ever go away?

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Is it normal to still have nerve pain from crowned tooth, over a month later?

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Most likely your tooth is just healing up from the procedure of placing a new crown.  Many people experience this, but it usually goes away within a few days to few weeks.  As long as the discomfort is getting less over time, you have a good chance it will eventually completely go away.  However, if it gets worse, or no improvement whatsoever at the six month mark, would suggest having it evaluated by a root canal specialist (endodontist) to determine if your nerve irritation is chronic and irreversible, thus needing a root canal.

For the meantime, just give it some time to calm down.  The vast majority of times it goes away and no root canal would be necessary.

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Pain in a Crowned Tooth After a Month

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No, it is no normal.  You can have some sensitivity but not the pain you are describing. If your bite seems fine, it could be that the crown was placed wrong and it needs to be redone. This happens. Sometimes the dentist does not get it right!  I would go back to your dentist or seek a second opinion before you see him. Either the crown was not placed correctly, or there is a chance that he drilled to far down or the decay was further into the tooth and needed a root canal. It could be either one of these scenarios. Get a second opinion and get it taken care of soon!

George Koutsoukos, DDS
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Sometimes more than a crown is needed

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fixing teeth can be a challenge.  While often JUST a crown is all that it needs, sometimes a teeth needs a root canal treatment.

Pain One Month After Crown Placement

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The first thing to check is the bite.  Since you say that feels comfortable and not high you most likely are going to need a root canal.  Most times teeth can be crowned and the nerve does well but not always.  Teeth have a poor regenerative ability and sometimes the nerve cannot return to normal following the procedure.

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