Eyes Look Small and Uneven After Eyelid Surgery and Laser Resurfacing

I had upper eyelid surgery a week ago. Laser resurfacing under eyes. MY EYES LOOK TINY AND UNEVEN. I think I should have had a brow lift and not eyelild surgery. What can I do to fix the completely different shapes & sizes?

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Eye size

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You can still see swelling on your picture around your eyes. You should have communication with your surgeon and patience. You are rushing a little. Healing arround the eyes takes 6 months to a year.

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Three weeks is the first time to take a look

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The eyes take a full year to mature and at one week there is no way to know how they will turn out.  I ususally tell patents I will not discuss results until just about one month post op because it takes that long to start resolving post surgery sequellae

Blepharoplasty Healing Process

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Hi Smalleye,

Be patient and let your eyes heal over time.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how well they eventually heal.  Communicate your concerns with your blepharoplasty surgeon.  You actually look good at this point.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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Wait at least 3 months to assess blepharoplasty results.

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AT this point there is nothing you should do other than to allow the healing to resolve. OF course you should discuss this with your surgeon but I would highly advise waiting unitl the swelling has resolved.

You have to give it time, but after several months you may require further treatment.

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You have to give it time, but after several months you may require further treatment.You can get droopy eyelids after lower eyelid surgery which may require further correction. It’s important to go to someone who’s really experienced with treating eyelids especially for procedures that are not primary because re-dos can be more difficult than primary surgeries.

Eye surgery

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You will have to give it some time to heal before you pursue any further surgery if at all.  Swelling may distort things a bit.

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